Season 111/13/2010

"Underdogs"Eight underdog high school quarterbacks arrive in Annapolis, MD, at a Football University camp for a grueling elimination competition to determine the next US Army All-American.  The quarterbacks are hungry for exposure and the chance to play Division I football.  NFL coaches will put them through an intense series of drills and exercises designed to test them mentally and physically.  At the end of this episode, the coaches hold their first rankings discussion and divide the players and them know where they stand heading into the first eliminations."Reckonings"Eight quarterbacks begin the last day of camp eager to prove they have what it takes to advance to Top Gun, but only five will move on.  Conner continues to shine, but Driphus is showing emotional strain, as he struggles with the recent death of his best friend.  Ashton and Josh, on the bubble, fight hard to stay in the competition.