Blackout Hits The Studio

Season 4 Ep 141/10/08

It's time for JoJo and his group, Blackout, to hit the studio and begin recording tracks for their record. However, JoJo, Zach and Reggie are discouraged by the list of producers Latchkey Recordings has available to them. JoJo tells his dad he doesn't think anybody on the list will be able to deliver that hit record he covets so much. Rev tries to impress on JoJo that a hit record won't make him happy, but JoJo doesn't want to hear it. Realizing he's not getting through to his son, Rev discusses the matter with his brother Russell. Coincidentally, Russell is going through the same issue with Jinx, a rapper from the hood that he mentors. They both decide the boys need a talking to and sit them down to teach them what's really important in life. Meanwhile, Vanessa's job at Guiding Light is over and Angela wants to leave for Los Angeles now. Although Rev has known the girls would be moving, the fact that it's imminent is hitting him hard as he procrastinates getting them plane tickets. Also happening, the adoption looms closer as Justine and Rev get word that they've found a baby girl.

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