Everything Happens for a Reason

Season 5 Ep 24/6/2009

Spencer arrives at Stephanie's apartment to tell her that it was totally uncool of her to bring Heidi to Lauren's birthday party. Stephanie argues that it was Heidi who wanted to go, and starts to bring up his fight at The Dime. Spencer cuts her off, saying she was wrong to take Cameron's word before even checking with him about flirting with the bartender. When Spencer brings up her lack of loyalty, she states that his loyalty argument is getting old, and he's the one who has completely abandoned everyone in his life, causing Spencer to get defensive and storm out.At Lauren and Lo's house in Hollywood, Lauren, Lo, and Audrina discuss the party. Lauren says how happy she was that all her friends got together to throw her a surprise party, but Heidi showing up definitely put a damper on the evening.That day, Heidi walks down to The Dime to meet the bartender, Stacie, and hopefully get the real story of what happened the night before. Stacie tells her about some of the things Spencer said, like asking her what it would take to get her to dance on the bar, which Heidi agrees was completely inappropriate. When Heidi asks Stacie what she would do if that was her man, Stacie tells her that she wouldn't be happy seeing someone who acted like that either.When Spencer arrives home at his and Heidi's apartment in Hollywood, Heidi is already waiting there for him. She tells him that she went down to The Dime and talked to the bartender to get the full story, but Spencer turns the argument around and says how that shows that she doesn't trust him enough. Heidi gets upset and tells him that she's going home to Colorado to clear her head.In Crested Butte, Colorado, Heidi is greeted by her mother, Darlene, when she arrives home. She tells Darlene that she wishes her life was more uneventful lately, and fills her in on Lauren's party and Spencer's fight. Darlene points out that Spencer seems to be the common thread in all the issues she seems to be having.At Diamond Foam & Fabric in Hollywood, while Lauren and Stephanie pick out fabrics for class, Stephanie asks if she had a good birthday. When Lauren says it was more dramatic than she hoped, Stephanie quickly explains that Heidi invited herself. Lauren shoots back that Stephanie should have told her that Lauren's birthday party might not be the right time for her to show up. Stephanie defends Heidi by pointing out that Lauren went to the SLS Hotel opening which was Heidi's event, but Lauren argues that that was completely different because it was not for Heidi, it was simply hosted by Heidi's company. Stephanie continues to press the subject, asking why they can't just be friends, and finally Lauren tells her she really needs to drop it because it's not fair for her to force her and Heidi to be friends.At Café Muse, Spencer meets Brody, thanking him for returning his call and hearing him out. Brody tells him to cut the BS, and explains that despite their falling out, he still considers Spencer to be a friend. Spencer fills Brody in about how Heidi left for Colorado, and Brody explains he's been cooped up in his little world with Heidi for so long, and he just needs to get out and live a little.In Colorado, Heidi and Darlene meet her stepfather, Tim, for dinner at the Timberline Restaurant. Darlene mentions Heidi's ex-boyfriend Colby, who happens to show up and sit down with them. Darlene praises Colby and goes on saying how much she likes him, and jokes about how there might still be hope for Heidi and Colby to get together.At the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills, Lauren and Brody meet up for drinks and Brody immediately talks about Heidi showing up at Lauren's birthday party. Once Lauren vents a little about Stephanie allowing her to come, Brody tells her about how he recently met up with Spencer, filling her in on how Heidi left for Colorado. Lauren points out how crazy it is that the two people they burned are the only people either of them had to call.At Heidi's parents' house in Colorado, Heidi and Darlene have coffee on the porch and Darlene comments on how great it is when Heidi comes home and allows herself to get grounded again. She says that in LA, Heidi spends too much time with Spencer, which is why it's so great that she's reestablishing a relationship with Lauren. Heidi says that it feels like Darlene thinks Spencer has some kind of power over her, but she says that isn't true. Ultimately though, Heidi agrees that it's good that they didn't get married.At The Dime, Spencer and his friend Charlie sit at the bar with Stacie and a bottle of tequila. Stacie asks what happened with his girlfriend and he tells her how she abandoned him. Stacie tells Spencer that she thought Heidi was kind of nuts, and then raises her shot glass, toasting to no crazy girlfriends. After having their final shot, Spencer comments that this is the end of the evening and Stacie says, "I know I'm kind of sad." Spencer asks, "What are we gonna do?" and she smiles at him.