Season 6 Ep 14

Genevieve is known as the girl who uses big words, plays piano and enjoys studying. But she wants to rap to relate to her peers who think she's strange.Genevieve's MADE coach is rapper, Atllas. He's one of the best in the Southwest, and is determined to push Genevieve to the edge. One push is making her rap in the 'hood. But when Genevieve is too fearful to rap at a nightclub, he makes her rap for senior citizens.Back at school, a guy named Ben Wiegel, whose rap is full of sexually offensive lyrics against Genevieve. Onlookers laugh and Genevieve's humiliated.Atllas has choreographer Keva attempt to teach Genevieve dance moves for her performance, but this proves difficult. Genevieve can't get the Harlem Shake move nor any other moves. Later, after rounding up backup dancers, she practices again with Keva and improves.After a makeover, Genevieve approaches a school athlete that she has a crush on, but gets crushed when he rudely turns her down. That's okay because she gets another date, then works with Atllas to write a revenge rap against Ben.Dress rehearsal is a disaster, but Genevieve performs well in front of her peers, complete with backup dancers and a hype man. Afterward she has a re-match with Ben and holds her own. Genevieve was MADE into a rapper!

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