A Night At The Opera

Season 3 Ep 1611/26/07

Drama, drama, drama! Lauren has had enough trouble avoiding confrontation with Heidi and Spencer, but now that Spencer's sister is visiting The Hills, it looks as though Lauren's in for yet another unpleasant run-in with the Pratt family.Stephanie is ready to spend some quality time with her brother, Spencer, and his wife-to-be, Heidi. Catching up, Heidi asks her future sister whether or not she's heard about the wedding plans. Answering with 'Tibet', it looks as though the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in Spencer's family. In fact, Stephanie even offers to marry the two herself since she applied for a license... much to Heidi's disapproval.At home in The Hills, Audrina complains to Lauren about Justin's bad behavior. Apparently, his wandering eye is getting her down -- why can't he just be happy with her? While she understands that guys like to look, Audrina doesn't think Justin needs to keep his eyes so wide open. When Audrina says that their relationship seems perfect behind closed doors, Lauren jokes that they would be the ideal couple... if they were hermits.Out at Opera with Audrina, Brody and Frankie, the drama comes in full force when Stephanie approaches the table and tells Brody to stop hanging out behind enemy lines. Stephanie and her friend, Roxie, tell Lauren that she'd better stop bothering their best friend, Heidi. Lauren asks the girls what she's done to Heidi and when they say Lauren's bad-mouthing their friend, Lauren tells the two to fight their own battles and stay out of her business. Stephanie calls Heidi family, and says that if Lauren hates Heidi, she in turn hates Lauren.At this point, Brody steps in, saying Spencer made a mistake and has to live with the consequences. Telling Stephanie and Roxie to stop getting involved, he becomes frustrated with the girls, asking what he ever did to them.As if this blowup wasn't enough, Justin Bobby stirs some trouble of his own. Leaving Audrina alone in the booth with her friends, he wanders off with a redhead and kisses the girl right in front of Audrina. Audrina, Lauren and Brody sit shocked in sheer disbelief of what they just saw.Outside a nightclub, Audrina's left wondering what she should do. When Justin strolls by them casually with the redhead, he walks right in front of Audrina and company without saying a word. Before the random redhead can leave, Audrina stops her in her tracks. The girl denies everything, but Audrina knows her eyes didn't lie. Lauren puts her arm around Audrina, walking her to the car and telling Audrina that it's a horrible situation, but she knew that Justin had been less than faithful. Audrina needed to see it to believe it.As the two walk off, Justin follows them. He manages to pry Audrina from Lauren, working his way with words on the tear- eyed girl. The two realize that their non-labeled relationship isn't working. Justin and Audrina have to either commit to one another or call it quits. In typical Justin Bobby fashion, he shifts the conversation from commitment and asks Audrina if she's actually able to walk away from him. A crying Audrina puts her head on his shoulders, not sure if she can do it, but she knows that she has to make a clean break if she's going to get over him. He asks her if she'd get in a car and drive off with him and his friends. She's reluctant, biting her lip in the parking lot. A few seconds later, a car drives off and Audrina is no where to be found.Lauren, staying back with her friend, Brody, shakes her head. Did Audrina really just abandon her for her cheating boyfriend?!The next morning, Stephanie makes her way back to Spencer and Heidi's apartment. Floating into the room, Stephanie is beaming, excited to share the drama from the night before. As she recounts the night's events with Spencer and Heidi, she surprises even her brother when she says she called Lauren out. Spence is proud of his 'sis for staying loyal, unlike his ex-buddy, Brody. Tired of talking about 'those people', Heidi hushes Spencer and Stephanie. It looks like Heidi is done with these gossip, but, unfortunately, Spencer and Stephanie are not.Later on, Audrina speaks to Chiara about Justin. Apparently, Audrina is standing strong. Last night, when Audrina got in the car, Justin had far from won. Audrina's friends asked her where to be dropped off, and Audrina made Justin go home... alone. In fact, the twosome spent the whole car ride in silence.But will Audrina be able to stick to the break-up when Justin comes crawling back to her apartment? When the boy comes over to the apartment and still denies kissing anyone, Audrina is shocked, saying she saw it with her own eyes. How can she make something like that up? And have other witnesses? Accusing her of tripping, he says that her friends would obviously say they saw him kissing another girl. Despite Justin's sweet talking, Audrina takes a stand and says they should just be friends. After she walks him to the door and sits on her sofa crying, it looks as though Audrina is finally tired of giving Justin second chances.

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