Couching Tyger, Hidden Danimal

Season 20 Ep 511/3/2010

While the Red Team celebrates winning two challenges in a row, they leave out one of their best players. And as Camila continues to feel alienated from the Red Team, she grows closer to Johnny. For the Danimal, a house full of drinking and celebration would be just the thing, except that he's in recovery and all the boozing is just brining him closer to his breaking point. So he does what any good boy would do, he calls mom and she bestows some age old wisdom upon him. Dan knows that if he can make it out of the Cutthroat house without taking a drink, he can make it anywhere.Speaking of drinking, while the challengers enjoy some beer pong, a bet arises. If Ty can get his ball in a cup from the couch, he'll get money, if he misses, well then Luke has to get a little more than friendly with the Hercules of the Blue Team. When Ty throws an obvious air ball a question in the house arises, is it "gay" for a man to be serviced by another man? While the challengers debate the finer points of male on male love, a drunken Ty goes too far and picks a fight with Brandon. Before anything can escalate, the other challengers break up the fight and Ty cools off, for the night at least.The next day is the fifth challenge and with the Gray Team lagging behind, sober Dan shaves a V for victory into his hair. At the Surf's Up challenge, the contestants must pair up and ride a surfboard suspended above water. While the Gray and Blue teams sail through the challenge, the Red Team has some serious setbacks. When Chet's up, his thirty foot fall lands him in serious distress and he's rushed to the hospital. However, Chet is the least of the Red Team's problems, when it's Brandon's turn he panics, cramps up and causes himself and Dunbar to disqualify, slapping the Red Team with a time penalty. With one of their stronger players in the ER and a complete challenge fail, the Red Team loses the buzz from their two win streak.It's time for deliberations, but with Chet spending the night in the hospital he is unable to be nominated. Wanting to get rid of their weakest player, the Blue Team sends in Gulag vet Katie and needing the rookie to prove himself, they send in Ty. For the Red Team the vote is easy, send in the whipping players, Brandon and Camila. That night, when Emily tries to play a prank on Ty he freaks out, throws a tree in her bed and then pins her under the two story bunk bed... because that's the same as putting shaving cream on an already bald head. With the Blue Team seeing that Ty may be a loose cannon, they worry about his place in the game.It's Gulag time and the teams eagerly await the matches. First up are the boys, a showdown that both contestants have been itching for. When Ty and Brandon compete in Pole Me Over, Ty easily pushes Brandon back, knocking over his barrels. But when the players resent for round two, Ty gets gassed out and falls over the chains. When Ty refuses to get off the ground, TJ calls it and Brandon is the upset winner, sending home the Blue Team's "secret weapon." Next up are the ladies and Camila must compete against one of her only friends in the house, Katie. The two girls might be a good match in size, but Camila's strength proves best as she sends the battered vet home. While the Red Team celebrates getting back both players, Chet lies in the hospital.