Hawaiian Vacation

Season 6 Ep 16/15/2009

The Simmons Family Vacation is here and this year's destination is -- Hawaii! Rev and Justine are especially excited -- with Vanessa and Angela living in Los Angeles -- it's been a while since the whole family's been together. So it's off to the beautiful island of Kauai where the family reunites and begins to have fun in the sun. That is until JoJo gets a voicemail from his boss, Uncle Russell, wondering why he's not in the office. Uh oh! Rev told JoJo he'd take care of talking to Russell about JoJo missing work for a few days. This makes JoJo furious at his Dad and worried all trip that he might not have a job at Global Grind when he returns. Ultimately, Rev apologizes to JoJo for neglecting to call Uncle Russell, but more importantly JoJo learns that in the future he should be the one calling Uncle Russell about this stuff, and not his Dad. Meanwhile, Angela and Vanessa are on a mission to find cousin Jessica a man on this trip. From hanging by the pool to ziplining in a forest, the girls do their best to set their cousin up. Even JoJo gets into the action by introducing Jessica to a cute local. And when Russy loses the shark tooth necklace that helped ward off sharks, he's afraid to go surfing again. But after a talk with his reverend father, Russy musters up the courage to get over his fear of sharks.