You Did This

Season 4 Ep 1611/24/2008

When Chiara detects that Audrina seems a little down in the dumps, Audrina can't help but unload a huge secret: she heard a rumor that Justin and Lauren hooked up. Audrina says she got the information from Dino, a friend she's known for more than two years, and the information obviously has her rattled. In an attempt to get to the bottom of things, Audrina tries to confront Lauren and Justin, but she doesn't get the answers she's looking for.Lauren is hurt and angry that Audrina would believe such a rumor for even a minute. She flatly denies it and refuses to discuss it any further. Justin, on the other hand, raises Audrina's suspicions and fuels her panic when he doesn't return her phone calls.Lauren vents to Lo about the situation and how ridiculous the idea is to her. When Lo agrees that the whole thing is laughable, Lauren swears that if Audrina doesn't apologize, their friendship is over.Holly, who has been crashing at Lauren and Lo's house since being kicked out of her sister's place, stops by Heidi and Spencer's apartment to talk to Heidi, but finds only Spencer at home. Spencer tells Holly she's disloyal and that he knows she's been staying with "the enemy," aka Lauren. Not wanting to spend any more time with Spencer than absolutely necessary, Holly lets Spencer know that she and Stephanie have Heidi's best interests at heart and heads for the door.But before leaving, Holly asks Spencer to tell Heidi that she came to see her.Attempting to patch things up, Audrina goes over to Lauren's house to discuss the Justin situation. But when Lauren insists she would never touch Justin, Audrina refuses to believe her and walks out. Back at home, she tries to contact Justin again, but ends up leaving him another long voicemail message pleading for a response.Meanwhile, Holly visits Bolthouse to talk to Heidi and is surprised to find her in a cubicle instead of an office. Heidi offers little information about her work troubles, but takes Holly to another part of the office to talk. Heidi says that she's hurt that Holly is staying with Lauren, but Holly, who defends herself, saying she was left with few options after being kicked out and warns Heidi that Spencer is bad news and is pushing all of her friends and family away.Audrina finally tracks down Justin and when the two meet at a restaurant, Justin insists there is nothing between him and Lauren to talk about. When Audrina continues to press the point, Justin clearly gets annoyed at the accusations that have been leveled at him. He tells Audrina that he would never say to her some of the things she has been saying to him on the various messages she's left over the past few days. He tells her flat out that by believing this rumor, she's hurting everyone. When she won't let it drop, Justin throws in the towel and leaves Audrina at the restaurant alone.When Lauren meets Stephanie for lunch, Stephanie admits she's already heard the rumor about Justin. She tries to console Lauren by telling her that Audrina may be hesitant to believe the rumors aren't true because Justin has hooked up with Audrina's friends before. But it does little good as Lauren won't calm down. Lauren explains to Stephanie that she's supposed to meet Audrina again that night at Winston's to talk, but her hopes aren't very high that their friendship will be restored.Before meeting with Lauren, Audrina talks with her sister, Casey, about what she should do. Casey thinks Audrina should apologize to Lauren for accusing her, but Audrina doesn't think she did anything wrong in chasing down the truth behind this rumor.While waiting for Audrina at Winston's, Lauren talks to Lo about how wrong Audrina was for running around spreading rumors. Then, as soon as Audrina sits down, a fight begins. Lauren tells Audrina again that the rumor is crazy, that Justin disgusts her and swears again that she would never do anything with him.As the fight escalates, Lauren tells Audrina she's worse than Heidi with spreading bad rumors, and obviously Audrina doesn't know her like a friend should. Offended, Audrina accuses Lauren of doing to her what she did to Heidi, and walks out again, leaving Lauren to cry on Lo's shoulder.