The Puppy Whisperer

Season 6 Ep 87/13/2009

When Justine's sister comes over with her dog-breeder friend, the breeder brings a box of Labradoodle puppies -- and Jus, Miley and Russy fall hopelessly in love with them. Justine sets her mind on adding another four legs to the Simmons family, but when she brings it up to Rev, he vetoes it. Until the kids train their first dog Pal, he won't even talk about getting a new one. Russy and Diggy take this opportunity to become the Puppy Whisperers, training Pal as diligently as they can. Yet even with Jus' help, it's tough teaching their old dog new tricks. In the end, Rev realizes that what they need is not a new dog. They need to keep giving Pal the attention, love and training they would give a new dog.Meanwhile, JoJo shatters Rev and Jus' world by reminding them how unhealthy fried chicken is -- and how they've been misusing the Weight Watchers Points System. But for a chance to drive Rev's Phantom to the city, JoJo agrees to pioneer a healthy version of their favorite food. But before coming up with the winning recipe, JoJo will need some help from his sisters who drop into town for a night.