Kenny and Tina's Triumph

Season 12 Ep 148/21/2006

Theo and Chanda discuss Exile. Theo is almost excited about it, but wishes Derrick would own up to wanting him in there. For her part, Chanda understands why Derrick and Diem would want them in Exile--they feel threatened by them. Derrick feels terrible about the decision and Diem feels like there is some animosity from Derrick about her choice.The clue comes and the group finds out they need to be "dressed sharp" for their next challenge. Turns out they'll be doing "Target Training." After running through a training course and taking aim with some paintball guns, they teams have to grab a 70-lb aboriginal "artifact" and run back through the obstacle course.When the dust settles and all the groups have finished, Darrell and Aviv have come out on top--and "for the first time in Fresh Meat history," received a pardon. Darrell and Aviv choose Tina and Kenny to head into Exile.Since Tina and Kenny know what the Exile's about, they run off, leaving Theo and Chanda in the dust. Tina and Kenny solve the first puzzle quickly, grab the flag, and are off. When they get to the second puzzle, they can't get it and run off without realizing that they don't have their flag. They run back and grab the flag, but Tina swears she can get the puzzle. When Kenny switches two of the rocks, the pair jump into a waiting van--the prize for solving the puzzle--and drive to the finish line far in front of Theo and Chanda.