Jump Down Under

Season 12 Ep 128/7/2006

Linette and Aviv talk to Diem about her decision to send Linette into Exile. They make Diem promise that she will not put Linette and Shane first for the mission the next day. Linette is trying not to get too attached to Theo because she fears that something will happen that she won't be able to control.The Fresh Meat cast is told to be ready by 8 am for their next challenge. Their challenge is called "Jump Down Under." They will have to jump off a 12-meter platform--the same height as a 4-story building--into the water, swim 20 feet, crawl up a giant raft, grab the flag and swim 30 feet to finish the challenge. Though Diem promised not to put Shane and Linette first, she feels that Linette and Aviv ganged up on her the night before. So she goes back on her word.Casey is terrified of the mission and is trying to calm herself down. When it's her turn to jump off the platform, she turns and walks away, telling Wes to call her whatever he wants, but she won't jump. Though Wes and Casey were disqualified, Shane and Linette came in last place, losing the possible pardon. Both Wes and Casey and Shane and Linette are sent into Exile.It's a close race in Exile with Shane and Linette taking the lead early on. Back at the house, everyone wants to see who's coming back. The black van pulls up and Wes and Casey step out, back from Exile for the fifth time.

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