With This Ring...

Season 3 Ep 1511/19/07

Just as Heidi's apology didn't make the cut in the last episode of The Hills, Spencer's hope to elope in Cabo falls flat when he shares this latest bright idea with Heidi. Over lunch, Heidi wants to nail down her wedding plans, but Spencer isn't too enthused about planning the details of the big celebration. When her fiance suggests he doesn't care, Heidi decides to take all wedding decisions into her own hands... Spencer will just show up in a suit.Working out at the gym, Whitney asks personal trainer, Jarett, to go to a sports bar with Lauren, Audrina and herself. Unable to turn down a night out with the three ladies, Jarett agrees to meet up at Big Wangs.Cooling down at a cafe, Whitney tells Lauren and Audrina that she has zero expectations from guys... she just wants to have fun. Whitney wants to get back into the dating game and is ready to kick off the fun by getting ready to go out with the girls.Getting serious about walking down the aisle, Spencer and Heidi take a look at a potential church for their wedding. After a brief conversation with a pastor, Spencer is surprised to learn that the church requires pre-marital counseling. Although Spencer says he wants to settle down by the end of the month, the couple learns they'll have to plan the big shin-dig at least six months in advance.Over at the Hillside Villas, Lauren, Whitney and Audrina are getting ready for the night ahead. As Audrina primps by the mirror, Lauren points out that Whitney's getting a little glamorous for the sports bar. Twirling in her skirt for the girls, Whitney's is definitely excited to look cute for Jarett.At the bar, Lauren has a toast for a girl's night out... with Jarret. The trainer doesn't waste any time in wooing Whitney -- after entering into the bar, he quickly whisks Whitney away to a game of pool. After some smiles and laughs, Jarett asks Whitney if she'd like to join him for a one-on-one personal training session the next morning.The next day, Jarett and Whitney have a run up a Hollywood dirt path for their workout. After a couple of exercises on top of the mountain, the two take in the gorgeous view of Los Angeles. To Whitney's pleasant surprise, Jarett takes the opportunity to ask her out on a date.Back at her apartment, Heidi thumbs through some new bridal magazines, loving all the endless options for her fairytale wedding. Meanwhile, the reality of getting married is starting to set in for Spencer, who is taken aback by all the talk of tiaras and pastries.At the Teen Vogue office, Whitney tells Lauren that Jarett asked her out on a date. As is true in any first date situation, Whitney's excited but worried she might get uncomfortable.Later that night, Jarett and Whitney hit a trendy outdoor restaurant in Hollywood for their first official date. After some normal chatting and cheers, Jarett reveals that he's recently came out of a relationship. Whitney admits that she has just exited out of a twosome as well and isn't planning on getting serious any time soon. Ready to keep it simple and just have fun, the two daters tap glasses in celebration of their single status.After a long day at work, Heidi returns home to see two packed bags. Spencer says that they're going to go on a "little adventure"... aka eloping in Las Vegas. Heidi immediately turns down Spencer's latest surprise, opting for an argument instead.As Heidi's told Spence time and time again, she wants a traditional wedding with family, friends and all the trimmings... and she's not willing to compromise. When it looks like Spencer's dead set against fulfilling her wedding day wishes, Heidi says they should think about the whole wedding thing a little bit longer.Removing her engagement ring, Heidi places the rock on top of the coffee table and leaves the room. A speechless Spencer stares at the ring for some time, then puts it in his pocket and leaves the apartment with one suitcase in hand.The next day at Bolthouse, Heidi's colleague, Kimberly, sits down in Heidi's office for a chat. Heidi retells her entire fight with Spencer, saying she's upset that he left for the night without even trying to work anything out. How could they possibly be married down the road and not even be able to work through a small fight right now? Kimberly suggests just laying everything out on the table, and a nearly tearful Heidi pauses to realize the depth of her situation.Meanwhile, Whitney and Lauren meet up for lunch, where Whitney is dying to tell Lauren all about her date with Jarett. Whitney's happy to report that the first date turned out to be comfortable. But, although Whitney was excited to get back out in the dating scene, she has to admit to feeling the friend vibe with him... especially since their night out didn't end in a kiss.That night, Spencer returns home with roses in hand for a somber Heidi. Spencer says that he stayed at his parent's house the night before and serves up a serious apology to Heidi. Singing a different tune from the night before, Spence says he wants to do whatever will make Heidi happy. He promises that there won't be any more surprises down the road -- he's ready to give Heidi the wedding she's always dreamed of. Heidi stands her ground at first, expressing how upset she was when he split and left her sleeping alone, but when Spencer hands her back the ring and says he wants to marry her, Heidi accepts his apology and takes back her bling.

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