Season 4 Ep 1012/13/07

With their tracks finally mixed and mastered JoJo, Zach and Reggie, aka "Blackout," are ready to hit the streets and find a record deal. But even though JoJo has been adamant about doing this music thing on his own, he still asks his dad to make a call for him. Rev is more than willing to help and sets up a meeting for Blackout to meet with independent record label, Latchkey Recordings. There, "Blackout" learns the cold reality of an Indie label: no advances, but instead a partnership in the backend revenue. This is a blow to the boys who had higher expectations and wild dreams of spending their upfront cash. But after consulting with Rev, the boys realize the deal is sound and when Latchkey expresses interest in working with "Blackout," the boys sign the contract. Meanwhile, Angela is nagging Vanessa to find out her end date on Guiding Light so they can get to L.A. already. But Vanessa is reticent to ask, so Angela takes it upon herself to inquire with the head writer of Guiding Light on ways to write off Vanessa's character. Despite Angela's antics, coincidentally, it is time for Vanessa's character to leave the show as she learns she has one month left.

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