Julie and Eric...Could it be Love?

Season 1 Ep 25/21/1992

Hmm...what's going on with Julie and Eric? There is some obvious flirting between the two, but they don't seem to be doing anything about it. After Eric appears in a Jovan Musk commercial that gets him highlighted on television, the whole loft discusses nudity, pornography and whether or not Eric is just selling himself and his good looks to the highest bidder.Heather invites Julie and Eric to visit the studio where she is recording a song for her upcoming album, The System Sucks. It's clear from Heather's hard work and her producer's aggressiveness that the recording business is rough. The sexual tension between Julie and Eric continues as Julie makes her interest more obvious: harassing Eric on the phone, being overtly jealous when Eric talks about his girlfriend Missy, and, as Eric says, showing up in his bed one morning to talk about "pancakes."But Eric seems to be into her too--he even shows off for Julie at her hip-hop dance class. Julie is excited by Eric's efforts and his willingness to take a chance. Eric later gets upset when Becky talks about setting Julie up on a blind date.