Playmates Bring the Drama

Season 5 Ep 5065/4/2009

The episode opens with Lauren and Audrina shopping. While looking at clothes, Lauren reminds Audrina about a barbeque at Frankie's house that evening. Sensing Audrina's hesitation, Lauren asks her if she's spoken to Brody since their Hawaiian hook-up. When Audrina says no, Lauren reveals that Brody told his girlfriend, Jayde, about what happened with Audrina while they were on vacation, that the couple has been fighting for days about and that Jayde is understandably mad at Audrina. Audrina says she can sympathize with Jayde, but points out that the couple fights and is on-and-off more than she and Justin ever were. After she adds that doesn't think spending the night with Brody was wrong at the time, Lauren shrugs and muses, "It's not fun when vacation baggage follows you home."After the opening credits, we find Heidi on a coffee-break at Bolthouse, where she is telling a co-worker that she intercepted a text message from Spencer's phone. Apparently, Stacie, a bartender Spencer has been hanging out with as of late and adding to the rift between the couple, sent Spencer an invite to meet her at H.Wood that night. This upsets Heidi, because Spencer claims he hasn't been in contact with Stacie since they began couple's therapy. Determined, Heidi decides she's going to H.Wood to get some answers.Later that afternoon at Doug and Frankie's house, Lauren and Lo arrive at the barbeque and everyone is happy to see them. But the mood quickly turns tense when Frankie announces that Audrina is on her way. Brody tries to relax his visibly annoyed girlfriend. "You relax," Jayde snaps at him.Cut to Heidi arriving at H. Wood with her sister, Holly, and Spencer's sister, Stephanie. Heidi recaps the text message story with her new audience and everyone concludes that Stacie needs to back off. When Stacie arrives with her friends, she spots Heidi and walks over to say hello.As soon as Stacie sits down, Heidi confronts her about the text invite she sent to Spencer. The two shout back and forth over the loud club noise. Stacie claims Spencer never told her to stay away from him and asks Heidi why she is mad at her for Spencer's actions. But Heidi doesn't let up. She tells Stacie that she hopes Stacie someday knows how it feels "to have a conniving girl come into your life." Stacie bites back asking Heidi, "How does it feel to have a conniving boyfriend?" Stacie warns Heidi that there will always be someone like her, wishes her luck with Spencer and walks away.Back at Frankie's party, Audrina arrives and is greeted by Lauren. Brody quickly approaches Jayde and asks her to drop her frustrations over the Hawaii incident with Audrina. But, clearly, Jayde is not letting it go that night. She gets into an argument with Frankie and Brody over what really happened the night Audrina slept in Brody's room. So, Brody gives up and asks Jayde to leave him out of it.Soon Audrina spots Brody across the room and blows him a kiss. Brody gives her a friendly hug hello. All of this is not lost on Jayde, who, armed with a drink and two friends, pulls Audrina aside. Brody sees the ambush coming and intervenes, telling everyone that the conversation is between Jayde and Audrina. So, Jayde's friends leave her and Audrina to hash out their problems one-on-one.During the confrontation, Audrina tries to reassure Jayde that she did nothing wrong, but Jayde does not believe her. Jayde insists that more than chatting and sleeping happened in her boyfriend's bed that night. The conversation quickly ends with Jayde storming off and Audrina saying she's leaving. Brody immediately apologizes to Audrina for her having to deal with the drama and hugs her goodbye. He then walks over to Jayde who is angry with Brody for hugging Audrina goodbye and caring about her feelings. "I don't care if she's OK and you shouldn't either," she yells and begins swigging a bottle alcohol. Brody gives up, and Jayde drinks away her frustrations.The next day, Heidi and Spencer are back at Dr. Jordana Mansbacher's office for another couples therapy session. Heidi admits she intercepted and deleted the text Stacie sent to Spencer. Spencer is upset that Heidi is looking through his phone, and Heidi wants to know why Stacie is still interested in him. As the couple bickers, Dr. Mansbacher notes that while Heidi and Spencer are on different pages, at least they're able to freely talk about their feelings.Over at Audrina's house, she and Stephanie are getting ready to go out to My House nightclub. Audrina fills Stehpanie in on Jayde's ambush at Frankie's party. They both conclude that Brody was a good friend for caring about Audrina's feelings. Stephanie says she's worried that Jayde will be at the club because Brody is going. But Audrina says, "If anything happens, I'm sure Brody will have my back."As Audrina expected, Brody and Jayde are already at My House when she arrives with Stephanie. As soon as Audrina sits down at their table, Jayde tells Brody to get rid of Audrina. Brody refuses, but Jayde's Playmate friends soon step in and begin yelling at Audrina. Frankie breaks it up before things can escalate, but after hearing Jayde bad mouth her again, Audrina stands up for herself. Audrina gets in Jayde's face and tells her that she causes all the drama by bringing up the past and that she's over her behavior. Audrina storms away from the table, hurt that Brody didn't stick up for her. When Brody makes things worse by telling Audrina that Jayde's behavior is justified, Audrina leaves.The next day, Audrina has lunch with Lauren and Lo where she shares what went down at My House the night before. Lauren explains to Audrina that Brody didn't stick up for her because Brody really loves Jayde, but Lauren agrees that he owes Audrina an apology.In the meantime, Spencer has a solo session with Dr. Mansbacher where he admits that his relationship with Heidi is too isolating. Spencer says he's going to try to rebuild trust in their relationship by not going out as much now, so that they can feel more comfortable being apart in the future.Later, Lauren meets with Brody to get his side of what happened at My House. Brody admits he made a mistake in Hawaii but thinks Audrina is still at fault for not leaving his room on her own. Lauren says she knows Brody is going through a lot with Jayde, but she disagrees that Audrina is at fault. Lauren points out that Audrina told Brody that she had a crush on him the night she slept over. Brody tells Lauren that he might apologize to Audrina down the line, but right now he is focused on Jayde's feelings. Lauren still disagrees but drops it after saying, "Sometimes we sacrifice friendship for the one we love. It wouldn't be the first time."

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