Victoria Anne Simmons

Season 3 Ep 14/9/07

Reverend Run and his family made the difficult decision to share their tragic loss depicted in this episode. It is their hope that the love and togetherness of their family will serve as inspiration to others in a time of loss or tragedy.Season three picks up with a very pregnant Justine and an anxious family awaiting the birth of their new child and sibling. Diggy, JoJo and Russy break out into song complete with makeshift instruments from kitchen appliances and a fold-away piano keyboard. What they consider music is pure noise to Justine who is trying to rest on the sofa a few feet away.When Rev Run comes home, JoJo demonstrates the sound of a baby's voice in a microphone to give his father an idea of "how it's gonna be like when the baby's around." Justine's tickled by JoJo's impersonation. When the excited brothers start an impromptu game of football in the kitchen, Run becomes a disciplinary father and instructs them to sit down. "Mommy's nine-months pregnant and any day the baby is coming." He tells the boys to go to their rooms to study, then tends to Justine.Run asks Justine if there's anything "on the face of the earth" that he can get her to eat. Justine assures Run that he will object to what she really, really wants. He assures her time and time again that he will get her whatever she wants. On that note, Justine slowly sits up, faces Run, smiles and says, "Hooters. I want the wings." Run is taken aback. With his collar in hand, he kindly replies, "I think that thou shalt not go to Hooters as a Priest."Justine tries to further convince him, "They may have seafood." Run responds, "People don't go in there to see food." But even though he feels that his collar will catch fire if he steps into Hooters, Justine reminds Run that he promised to take her anywhere. When Justine stands up so that they can head out to dine, Run comments on how "big" she is. Realizing how that sounded, he tries to make nice, "Big as in baby big. You look nice." But Justine tells him not to try it.Early the next morning, Justine's water unexpectedly breaks and she is rushed to a local hospital. Victoria Anne Simmons dies at birth.At the hospital, a somber Justine looks toward the door with Reverend Run, Bishop Jordan and Pastor Jordan by her bedside. The boys arrive, anxious to know whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Justine delivers the news, "It's a girl, it was a girl." Russy and Diggy stare at their mother, puzzled. She tells them, "The baby was sick, and, she didn't make it." Diggy asks, "She died?" "Yeah," Justine tells him. JoJo holds his head down, looking toward the floor. Diggy looks away and utters, "I really wanted a baby."Justine tells the boys that God must have another plan for them. Run tells them that they are still a family, their mother's fine and they're going to have a good life. He continues, "I believe that Victoria came here to teach us something, and came to drop off something too." Run tells them that his lesson is to be grateful for the kids and his wife, as well as the Bishop and Pastor's support. "We're gonna make it," he assures them.Later, Vanessa and Angela arrive and tears fall from Justine's eyes when she tells the girls the news. Russy steps to the hospital bed to hold his mother's hand. The Bishop calls for the entire family to hold hands with Justine. The Bishop prays for the strength in the family even in their loss. It's a very emotional moment for the Simmons family, especially Justine. After the prayer, Run sits next to his wife and says, "The Bible says all things work together for good." He encourages the family to gather strength from him. With his eyes closed, holding on to Justine's hand, he whispers, "I'm thankful. I'm thankful, Father," and bows his head.At home two days later, Run prepares the kids on how to respond to people who offer condolences. He wants them to thank people, but to let them know that the family is OK. Run wanted another child, but is happy to have the ones he has. On his way to JoJo's room, Run takes a moment to look at a nice bouquet of flowers and cards they have received from concerned loved ones.Upstairs, Run sits across from JoJo, who has his head buried in homework. Run wants to make sure that JoJo is not hiding his feelings because he seems a bit unemotional. JoJo tells his father he's not sad, so Run encourages him to share that strength with his brothers in his role as the man of the house while he's at the hospital with Justine. JoJo continues to look down at his textbook, seemingly unphased as Run gives him a tender kiss on the head. But when his father exits and the door closes, JoJo looks up.Days later, Justine returns home from the hospital and the family gathers around her bed where Reverend Run leads them in prayer. The mood turns joyful when Vanessa starts talking about a dream she had, leading JoJo to recall Run's dream about dancing pancakes with boots on. Run tries to say it was Justine's dream, but she laughs, saying, "No, that was you."That night, Run tells Justine that there's something in the pain that will make them stronger. Justine asks Run about adoption. Run agrees to the idea of adopting a child and gives his wife a loving kiss."How do you rebound from an extraordinary loss? Take stock of the loved ones around you. Hug them, love them, and cherish them. When you appreciate the joys in your life, it makes sorrows that much easier to swallow. Every day is a new day. Hope floats, so let it rise. God is love." -- Rev Run.In loving memory of Victoria Anne Simmons.

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