Aly + AJ

Season 5 Ep 128/18/2007

What can be said about the sisterly singer-songwriter duo of Aly and AJ? With platinum-selling albums, appearances on multiple TV shows, a headlining tour and a brand of licensed products, these girls stay busy! With such rock star reputations, Aly and AJ must live up to expectations, which means throwing a joint birthday party that Hollywood won't soon forget! Aly's super 18 and AJ's Super Sweet 16 will be the wildest bash to ever hit the West Coast!Aly and AJ confess that they are totally alike and totally different. Although they may take opposing sides at times, they immediately agree that this My Super Sweet 16 party has to be perfect and everything has to rock ? hard!Wasting no time when it comes to planning, Aly and AJ come up with a smorgasbord of ideas and wish lists, including having a photo booth, drinks named after them, ice sculptures and an illustrious red carpet entrance ? and they want it all to go down without a hitch at Hollywood hot spot Les Deux. It's going to be a star-studded event, so the place has to be totally pimped out.For Aly and AJ, planning a party chock-full of guests is simple, the hard part is going to be learning how to drive before their big Super Sweet event! Amidst the whirlwind of stardom, the sisters haven't had the time to get their driver's licenses. To remedy the situation, Aly and her dad take to the streets for a driving lesson. As her dad holds on for dear life, Aly points out that AJ has already failed her learner's permit test.Once the driving lesson is over, Aly and AJ meet at a recording studio to record a track for their new album, Insomniatic, with their brand-new puppies in tow. Tensions run high as they hit rough waters in the recording booth and Aly's dog makes itself "at home" in the corner. As someone busts out the pooper scooper, Aly storms off to vent to her mother, complaining that it's too much work to plan a party, record an album and take care of a dog. Plus, she thinks AJ got the cuter dog, so she's unhappy about that, too.As a new day approaches, Aly is pumped -- it's time for her driver's test. She expresses her yearning to drive her BMW alone, cruising along the California coast and right smack into her super 18 party. But if she screws up, there definitely won't be cruising of any kind on her big night, so she must really focus. After completing her test, she slowly emerges from the car with a radiant smile and screams, "I passed!" Now it's just a matter of looking really good for her driver's license photo.After seeing Aly smile pretty for the camera, AJ decides she wants to follow in her big sister's footsteps and get her learner's permit. While taking the test at the DMV, AJ admits it's way harder than last time -- and she failed the "easy" test! After incorrectly answering four questions, AJ's nervous that she will fail again. But she doesn't, and, like her sister, she's triumphant!What better way to celebrate a spanking new license than getting a new 'do for your new dog? It doesn't seem right, but Aly asks a doggy stylist to come in and work her magic on her pooch, Roadie, because Aly isn't really loving her pup's look. The white canine will soon match AJ's brown pooch, Willow. Once the dog looks like someone dunked her head in a bowl of tomato sauce, Aly anxiously waits for the all natural, vegetable-based color to set in. When all is said and done, Aly loves Roadie's new look.It wouldn't be a birthday without presents, so Aly and AJ open all their gifts before their big My Super Sweet 16 bash. They get everything a girl could ever dream of -- from Marc Jacobs' attire to crayons. The gifts seem to be right on the money, with the exception of some strange-colored garments that they wouldn't be caught dead in and a little clay frog that smells like the inside of a garbage can. It's the thought that counts though, right girls?Everything seems to be running smoothly when it comes to organizing the big bash ? until the day of the party, that is. Waking up with a sore throat, Aly heads to the doctor instead of getting ready. After nervously awaiting the diagnosis, Aly walks away with a couple different medications and the doctor tells her she should be ready to party hard in no time.With little time to spare, Aly's and AJ's hair is straightened, the powder brushes are drawn and the stylists go to work, making the duo look like the rock stars they are. As guests like Miley Cyrus and Emma Roberts walk the red carpet into Aly and AJ's My Super Sweet 16 party, the birthday girls have another means of transportation: Harleys. That's right! The crowd goes crazy as the two gorgeous girls make their way inside riding hogs and surrounded by bikers.Once inside, everyone rocks out to a rad performance by The Plain White T's. When the music stops, the party moves outside, where there's a surprise waiting for Aly and AJ. When they reach the parking lot, they see two brand-new Mercedes-Benzs! Aly and AJ squeal in delight as they hop into their hot new rides. With no major catastrophes, a mad crazy dance party and new sets of wheels, no one would deny a job well done for these two party planners. With a fresh license in Aly's hand, these two My Super Sweet 16ers will surely be riding along the sunny California coast in no time.