Season 1 Ep 57/9/09

Whitney is a shy southern belle from Rome GA. At 16, she lives in her tiny family home with her mom and her grandmother (Meemaw). Oh, and her boyfriend Weston and their dog Chumpy. Talk about a full house! The house is about to get even more crowded, though - not only is Whitney pregnant, but her mom is, too. All at once, Whitney goes from being the pampered baby of the family, to being a big sister and mother.Over a hearty home-cooked breakfast, the family discusses their shock at first hearing that Whitney was pregnant, and that she was going to keep the baby. Whitney explains that seeing the ultrasound decided it -- once she saw the baby, she had to have him.Feeling self conscious, Whitney dropped out of high school as soon as she found out she was pregnant. Her best friend Eerie comes over, and encourages Whitney to get out of the house, so they go to the mall. They run into girls they know and the interaction is awkward, to say the least - Whitney's worst nightmare come true. Back at home, Eerie asks her who she is going to invite to her baby shower. Going down the list, she realizes that being pregnant has really put a halt to her social life.The next day, the family goes for Whitney's 3-D Ultrasound. Everyone fawns over her beautiful baby. When Meemaw bends down to tie Whitney's shoe as they're leaving, the nurse sees this and chastises Whitney for being too pampered. Whitney's going to have to grow up before she can take care of her own baby. She and Weston head out for a night, and run into Whitney's dad, who she hasn't seen for a while and with whom her relationship is strained.Before her baby shower, Whitney has a heart to heart with her mom. She's not really close to her dad, and she's nervous about him coming today. When he doesn't show up, though, she gets antsy and distracted. She might just have wanted to see him after all. She confesses this to Weston, and coos over how lucky her baby will be to have such a wonderful father.Back at home, one bathroom is proving insufficient to meet the needs of two pregnant ladies. Whitney and Weston try renting a house of their own, but after falling in love with a place, they realize they just don't have the money for it yet. The news only gets worse - Meemaw tells everyone that they're getting evicted.When Whitney's mom brings her baby home from the hospital, the house gets even more crowded. Whitney and Weston have no space of their own, and they can't avoid getting in Meemaw's way. Tensions peak as Meemaw takes a final stand and tells Whitney and Weston that they need to help out, or move out. The next day, Whitney has her final doctor's appointment. She tells the nurse that the baby isn't moving much anymore, and they decide to induce her right away. The hospital encourages a c-section, and on April 2, 2009, baby Weston Jr. is born.Whitney spends the next few days laid up in bed while Weston cares for baby Weston. Whitney overhears her mom and Meemaw complaining about the living situation, and Whitney and Weston decide to move in with Weston's mom, where there is more room and privacy. After a tearful goodbye, they head to their new home. This parenting thing might just be too much for Whitney to handle, even with Weston picking up the slack. But she vows to grow up as fast as she can to raise her baby.

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