One Girl's Trash...

Season 2 Ep 96/22/2010

After a successful show in Miami, Whitney returns to New York feeling more confident than ever. However, Kelly warns her she'll need to be at the top of her game if she wants to survive her first big trade show at the Javits Center. Kelly tells Whitney the buyers will swarm her with questions, complaints and unreasonable demands -- "it's gonna be overwhelming." Fortunately, Kelly thinks Whitney's up to the task: "I think you're gonna do great," she predicts.Meanwhile, Olivia's getting ready for a big assignment of her own: a cover shoot with Ke$ha. After getting briefed by Kyle (ELLE's senior accessories editor), Olivia heads downtown to an edgy, goth store (Trash & Vaudeville) to scout out shoes that will go with Ke$ha's "punk trash" image. Although finds most of the inventory distasteful, she comes away with three pairs she think might work for the shoot.Across town at the Javits Center, Whitney tells Roxy that she'll be competing for buyers with 1500 other designers. "I don't know how to make my stuff stand out," she admits. While Whitney and Roxy talk shop (Roxy admits she "can't handle" doing the order forms on her own!), several buyers from Wink boutique swing by to admire Whitney's clothes. Unfortunately, they're only browsing -- after looking around for a few minutes, they leave without ordering a thing.Over at ELLE, Olivia meets with Kate, the executive accessories editor, to go over the shoes she and Kyle pulled for the shoot. Unfortunately, Kate doesn't like what she sees. Dismissing two of the three pairs out of hand, Kate tells Olivia she'll need to "go back to the drawing board" and find more options -- fast.Back at the Javits Center, Kelly arrives to make sure Whitney and Roxy have everything covered. After scolding Roxy for not knowing all the delivery dates, she spies a man admiring some of Whitney's designs and rushes in to make the sale. With a little prodding, she and the girls convince him to place a massive order with Whitney Eve. Looks like business is finally picking up!Lunch time! Olivia and Louise sit down for a bite together at Esca, in Hell's Kitchen. After a little chit chat about Erin -- Olivia admits they've had their "ups and downs" -- Louise promises Olivia she's not trying to push her out of a job. "I'm a team player," she tells Olivia. "The more the merrier, in my book!" After assuring Louise she's got nothing to worry about ("I would never think that!"), Olivia mentions the "garbage bag chic" Ke$ha shoot. Louise suggests that Olivia check out Nicholas Kirkwood's trash-themed styles, and Olivia tells her she's already pulled some shoes from his latest line. ("Great minds!" Louise exclaims.)Over at People's Revolution, Kelly has some disappointing news. That man who bought all those pieces from Whitney's spring/summer lines? He's just called in to cancel his order. While Whitney walks out, reeling, Kelly tells Roxy what Whitney must be going through. "Put yourself in Whitney's head," she advises. "I'm scared, I'm without my family, I might lose everything I have and I'm not sure what I'm doing."At Pearl Studios, it's finally time for Ke$ha's photoshoot! When Joe Zee shows her what they've pulled for the spread, both are blown away by the Nicholas Kirkwood shoes that Olivia picked out. Even Robbie's assistant, Seth, is impressed by their high-fashion Hefty bag style. "It's like you read Joe and Ke$ha's mind!" he tells Olivia.Still reeling from her talk with Kelly, Roxy decides to head down to the Wink Corporate Office in Tribeca and get Whitney's business back on track. After flipping through Whitney's Look Book with the buyers (they're still very interested in Whit's designs), she ends up selling several pieces from the collection. Way to go, Rox!Back at ELLE, Seth swings by Erin's desk to look at photos from the Ke$ha shoot -- and tells her he thinks Louise was the one behind those Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. When Erin asks Olivia for her contact at NK (and reminds her that Louise has a connection there), Olivia bristles, insisting she pulled the winning look herself. ("I knew exactly what I wanted and it turned out well," she says, sounding confident.) Meanwhile, she tells Erin how much she likes Louise -- and scolds her for trying to "pin" the two of them against each other. "I'm not trying to pit you against other," Erin snaps back. "I'm trying to get a girl here who can get the job done."Elsewhere, Roxy has something exciting to show Whitney -- it's one of her dresses in the window at the Wink boutique! Delighted, Whitney gives Roxy a giant thank-you hug and congratulates her on making the sale. Whitney Eve -- coming soon to a store near you!