Can't Always Get What You Want

Season 5 Ep 1811/17/2009

While on a lunch date, Kristin and Brody recall the crazy times they used to have together. After Brody toasts to having a nice lunch without fighting, Kristin mentions that Jayde wants to talk with her. Brody tells Kristin she's out of her mind for thinking about meeting with Jayde considering their fiery run-in at Playhouse. But although he cautions Kristin against meeting up with the Playmate, he mentions that he's still in contact with his ex. Shrugging it off, Kristin tells him she just wants him to be happy.Over in L.A., Heidi is meeting with her therapist, Jordana Mansbacher, to talk about Spencer refusing to have kids. Dr. Mansbacher tells Heidi they should have gotten on the same page before getting married. When Dr. Mansbacher advises Heidi to wait on having babies, Heidi says she wants to stop taking birth control and surprise Spencer with a pregnancy. The therapist advises against this, saying Spencer might feel tricked.Meanwhile, Brody and his friends Frankie and Taylor play pool and rehash the Jayde-Kristin fight at Playhouse. Brody's friends are on Team Kristin. They tell Brody that Jayde is bad news for him, and Kristin is a better fit. Brody tells his friends about Kristin and Jayde's upcoming talk. Taylor warns Brody that Jayde is trying to pry her way back into his life.Later, Kristin arrives at Citizen Smith where Jayde is already seated. Not wasting any time, Jayde tells Kristin she wants to figure out what is going on with her and Brody. Kristin says they should've met to talk on this topic before Jayde instigated a fight at Playhouse. Jayde denies attacking Kristin and goes on to say that Kristin being around is complicating her relationship with Brody. Even though Kristin defends herself, noting that she's been friends with Brody for five years and has never interfered with their relationship before, Jayde won't hear it. She tells Kristin to go back to wherever she came from. Fed up with the attack, Kristin calls Jayde a bitch before storming out of the restaurant.Kristin meets up with Lo the next day to talk about her failed meeting with Jayde. Despite the fact that their rendezvous ended badly, Kristin says she respects Jayde for calling her and wanting to talk, unlike Audrina. Kristin says Jayde believes she and Brody are going to patch things up. When Lo asks Kristin if she thinks Jayde and Brody will get back together, Kristin says no with a confident smirk.Meanwhile, Heidi and Audrina are also catching up over lunch. Audrina tells Heidi that she realizes she and Justin Bobby will never work out. Heidi comforts Audrina before sharing her own man drama. Heidi details Spencer's secret trip to the doctor to get a vasectomy before telling Audrina that she is going to stop taking her birth control pills, seduce Spencer and surprise him with a baby before he can attempt anything drastic again. Audrina is shocked. "I always get what I want," Heidi tells a laughing Audrina.In the evening, Brody and Jayde meet for dinner. Their conversation starts off rocky when Jayde mentions her talk with Kristin. She tells Brody she wants Kristin to back off and leave him alone. Brody tells Jayde he can do whatever he wants since they're not dating. They end up bickering back and forth until Brody sarcastically threatens to jump off a building if Jayde continues to argue with him. Jayde tells Brody she doesn't want to fight anymore. "I miss you and I think we should get back together," she says.The next night, Brody and Kristin meet for dinner. Brody tells her about his dinner with Jayde. Kristin is shocked when Brody says he wants to work things out with Jayde, but says she wishes him the best. Brody calls Kristin out on her unenthusiastic tone. She admits that she doesn't think he's happy with Jayde and doubts they will work out. "She's a tough one to fight with and loves to fight," Kristin tells Brody before adding that he could be with a better girl than Jayde.Elsewhere in 'The Hills,' Spencer comes home to find a romantic candle-lit dinner waiting for him. Suspicious, Spencer questions the special treatment. Heidi says she's finally settling into their life together and cooking for him should be part of that. Spencer thanks Heidi for forgiving him about the doctor's appointment. Heidi apologizes for putting pressure on Spencer to have kids and promises to let up.The next day, Kristin tells Stacie about Brody reconciling with Jayde. Kristin says she never thought they would get back together and doesn't understand the situation. Then Kristin plays Stacie a voicemail she received from Justin saying he ended everything with Audrina. Stacie calls the voicemail nice, but Kristin says she doesn't know if she's going to call Justin back. "I'm sick of this town and all the boys in it," Kristin declares. Ready for a change of pace, they decide to go to Vegas right then and run upstairs to pack.