Roommate Wanted

Season 2 Ep 117/6/2010

Roxy told Whitney she wanted to move out last week -- and it looks as though she meant it. Why else would she have enlisted Samantha's help in finding a new apartment? Unfortunately, Roxy quickly learns that New York real estate doesn't come cheap. A broker shows her the perfect apartment -- but it's priced at $4000 a month! Roxy tells Sami she'll need to ask her dad for a loan, but admits she's more interested in moving out ASAP than finding the perfect place. ("I need to get my own place and separate myself," she says.) Sami agrees that moving out could be "the first step to making things better" but admits she's shocked that Roxy and Whitney are on such bad terms.Meanwhile, Roxy drops another bombshell: Whitney has no idea she's even looking! They haven't talked about moving out (or anything else) since the fight.That night, at the Vintage Clothing Expo, Whitney runs into Erin and Kate (the executive accessories editor) from ELLE and learns they're doing a photo shoot with Twilight's Ashley Greene. Erin asks Whitney to send over some black dresses for the shoot and says she'll do her best to get them on camera -- or into an interview. Unfortunately for Whitney, that means they'll probably have to go through Olivia first ...Meanwhile, Roxy meets her dad, Ken Olin, for dinner at Ocean Grill and tells him she and Whitney are going through a rough time. She mentions she's ready to move out, and asks whether he'll help foot the bill for her new place. To her surprise, Ken sympathizes but says no, telling her she needs to find a way to support herself in New York -- or come home to California. "It's been a year," he tells her. "I can't do it, Rox."The next day, Joe Zee shows Alexis Bryan Morgan (ELLE's fashion director) some of the Whitney Eve looks Erin pulled for the shoot. When Alexis agrees that Whitney's pieces would be perfect for Ashley, Joe instructs Olivia to try and work them into the shoot. (Olivia tells him "I'll try," but says "we have other stuff to shoot that's like a top priority.") Sensing her reluctance, Alexis tells Olivia she'll need to put her personal feelings for Whitney aside and focus on making her clothes look beautiful. ("There's only so much I can do," Olivia replies.)Over at People's Revolution, things are still tense between feuding friends (and co-workers) Whitney and Roxy. When Whit tells Kelly about the Ashley Greene shoot, Roxy warns her "you can't force [celebrities] to wear your stuff." Noting the friction between the girls, Kelly immediately orders them to "get over it." Or at least find a way to put on a happy face at the Tulips and Pansies event later that night.Meanwhile, things are finally getting underway at the Ashley Greene photo shoot in midtown. After introducing Ashley around, Joe styles her in one of Whitney's blazers and instructs Olivia to ask her "what she's wearing" on the air. Although Olivia obliges, she pointedly ignores the jacket and compliments Ashley on her skirt and shoes instead. Backstage, Joe and Erin exchange a confused glance.That night, Whitney arrives at Gotham Hall for the Tulips & Pansies event with Samantha. On their way in, Sami tells her Roxy's already looking at apartments ("she thought you wanted space") and Whitney immediately wants to know why Roxy didn't tell her herself. Minutes later, Whitney takes her seat next to Roxy for the runway show and immediately confronts her about moving out on the sly. ("I told you!" Roxy argues, but Whitney says she didn't realize Roxy was serious.) The girls continue to argue until Kelly scolds them for fighting in public -- at which point Whitney decides it's time to call it a night. "I can't have this fight with her," she tells Sami, angrily. "If we're gonna work it out we're gonna work it out on our own terms."The next day at ELLE, Olivia tells Joe she needs to talk. Turns out, she's been asked to host an event in Japan, and she wants to know if she can cover it for Although Joe's initially skeptical (telling Olivia this is "the busiest time" for the magazine), Olivia wins him over by suggesting a street chic piece and a collaboration with ELLE's Japanese office. "You're making valid points," he tells her. "Let's figure this all out."Word of Olivia's departure spreads quickly, and Seth and Erin take a coffee break in Times Square to talk it over. Rolling her eyes, Erin tells Seth she doesn't think the magazine will fold in Olivia's absence, but notes that Olivia's leaving is risky -- after all, Louise is right there, waiting in the wings. Agreeing, Seth tells Erin she should look at Olivia's trip as an opportunity: "if you can get her into Japan for the short term," he points out, "maybe you can get her out of ELLE for the long term."Downtown, Whitney arrives home at her West Village apartment just in time to see Roxy packing up the last of her things. Surprised, Whitney tells Roxy she thought moving was something they were still talking about, but Roxy says she couldn't take the tension anymore and says she's going to stay with Sami. When Whitney doesn't know how to respond, Roxy tells her she thought Whit would be relieved to see her go. Instead, Whitney informs Roxy she's sad to leave things "on such a weird note." Unfortunately, Roxy's mind is already made up. Grabbing her suitcase, Roxy tells Whitney goodbye, and takes one last longing look at the apartment before disappearing into a taxi.