Sean Kingston

Season 7 Ep 36/8/2008

Sean Kingston isn't throwing a Super 16, he's throwing a Super 18. And he's throwin' down back in Jamaica; he's going back to the land where he spent the days before he made it big and became a pop star sensation.Before going to Jamaica, Sean sits down with his manager to talk about his ideal party. He wants to capture the whole Jamaican culture by having his party on the beach, and he wants his grand entrance to be on a boat with his homeboys. He wants to outdo Chris Brown and blow everyone away - no pressure!Now that Sean's party planning is done, he meets with his personal jeweler to do some shopping-he needs to make sure he looks "icy" for his party. Sean drops 100,000 on a few fly pieces of jewelry, and now he is ready to party like a rockstar.Sean's next stop is the Bentley dealer in Manhattan because he not only needs fly jewelry but a fly ride for his 18th as well. The car Sean has his eye on is just shy of two hundred grand. He really wants it, but it's the day before he leaves for Jamaica, and he doesn't know if he'll get it in time for his birthday.Sean flies down to Jamaica with his best friend and is excited for his great homecoming. Stepping off the plane, it looks like the Jamaicans are just as excited that Sean is returning home because they constantly take pictures and ask for his autograph.Early the next morning, Sean's security wakes him up so that Sean can make sure everything is poppin' for the big night. Sean gets tour of the party sit and announces his arrival by boat. Planning aside, Sean gets to spend some time with his dad who he hasn't seen in years. They travel to check out the studio built by his grandfather, the legendary Jack Ruby. Inside the studio, Sean and his best friend rap a sick track for his party.The awaited night has finally arrived, and as Sean's crew and sylist prep him for his big night, the guests arrive at this party expecting it to be hot. All fresh and clean, Sean makes his grand entrance rollin' up to the beach on a yacht. Not quite to shore, the boat gets stuck!Sean makes it to shore though and he and his guests party reggae-style through the night. The Minister of Tourism makes a speech and announces how happy they are to have Sean back in Jamaica. Some uninvited guests crash his party - tourists! But in Jamaica, everyone's invited to party. Epic Records presents Sean with a plaque of seven million units sold, and since his mom couldn't make it to the party, she sent him a special video message saying that when he gets home the Bentley he had his eye on will be waiting for him! Going home to Jamaica and turning eighteen turned out to be the best night of Sean's life. It really was the hottest party ever!