Season 9 Ep 219/13/2008

Meet Courtney, a diva from Indiana who loves to bask in the spotlight. Like any diva, Courtney obsesses over her look at all times. This behavior is quite different from her classmates. In fact, she has a reputation of being stuck up and rich at school. Courtney is setting out to prove everyone wrong by becoming a thrill seeking BMX racer.While out a amusement park with her friends, Courtney bumps into her Made coach, Jason, a pro BMX racer. Courtney explains an accident she endured while cheerleading, so she is very fearful of being injured and not being able to dance again. Jason openly tells Courtney that she will be falling down and the only thing she can do is prepare herself.The next morning, Jason arrived bearing in gifts. Jason presents Courtney with her own bike. Naturally, they have to around the block. To Jason's surprise, Courtney even struggled with the quick ride.Jason surprised Courtney before 6:00am on a school day with an early morning run. Next, Courtney had to do sprints while pulling Jason on his bike. After the sprints, Courtney only had 10 minutes to get ready for school. Jason felt disrespected when Courtney came back out to leave for school in a short skirt and heels. After all, he has already warned her to be ready at any time.At school, Jason popped in the halls to tell Courtney it's time to ride. Courtney absolutely insisted that she changed in the parking lot before climbing onto the bike. Jason plans on having her run until she realizes the "error of her ways." Just when Courtney thought her sprints were finished, Jason reflected on how the day unfolded and told her do another round.After some basic riding tips from Jason, it was time for Courtney to grab some air. After a couple successful runs on the ramp, Jason separated the landing ramp a little more. Unfortunately, the next run lands Courtney's first official face plant. Jason knows that this will certainly not be her last fall.The next day, Courtney and Jason hit an indoor BMX race track. Courtney knows she can physically do the jumps, but her brain tells her otherwise.Later, Courtney and Jason stopped at the school gym to hit the weights. Jason decided to stick around afterwards to see if she would again defy him by wearing non-BMX-friendly clothing. Not a surprise, Courtney exited the locker room in tight pants and high heels. Jason opted for an impromptu training session in the school parking lot as a result of her actions.Jason was left with no choice... he was going to get rid of all her "hoochie wear." Later, Jason took Courtney shopping for some BMW worthy apparel.The next day, it was only going to get a little more extreme because Courtney is about to take on an outdoor track. After releasing some inner frustration to Jason, Courtney met the time Jason was asking for on the track.Later, Courtney explains that her boyfriend wants to go to the movies because he never sees her anymore. Jason explains he can't understand why that would even be a question, because this is and should be her priority. But he leaves it up to her to decide whether practice or go out on the date. Of course, she picks the date.Courtney grows concerned the next day when she hasn't heard from Jason. She leaves voicemails and even bakes a cake for him... but no word. Eventually she finds Jason and he definitely appreciates the baked peace offering, but he is majorly concerned with fast approaching race.Courtney got back into the groove of training, even working by herself when Jason was off to a competition of his own. During the solo practice, Courtney got word that Jason was pretty seriously injured at his race. Practicing by herself, Courtney became distracted because of Jason and ended up pulling off a minor injury of her own.At another practice, Courtney called Jason to explain she doesn't know how she can continue improving on her own. He just suggests that she should continue riding on her own.At Courtney's graduation party, Jason popped in for a visit. Later, Jason and Courtney got together to get down to work for the competition on the next day.Before the big race, Jason surprised Courtney with a custom race uniform. Apparently, Courtney will not have to race once today, but twice... now the pressure is really on.Immediately after the gate was let down, Courtney wrecked. She was mad after the race, but Jason encouraged her to push on and take the next race. Luckily, the next race was much smoother and came home with the second place win.Afterwards, Jason admits that Courtney is now a different person. Without a doubt, Courtney has been made into a BMX racer.