Season 5 Ep 77/30/07

Money and fame are no strangers to DJ, a Berkeley, Calif., native and stepson of the Houston Texans' Danny Clark. This spoiled ladies' man gets everything he wants, and he's about to show his friends that he is the hottest guy in town when he throws the biggest My Super Sweet 16 party they've ever seen! It's gonna be fly baller spectacular!DJ chooses a "black diamond affair" theme for his party. It's going to be classy and elegant with a touch of a hip-hop aura. But despite DJ's popularity with the ladies, he's tied down to Mimi, whom he worries will ruin his party with her clinginess. And having a blowout Super Sweet 16 leaves no time for petty girlfriends, so she better not get in the way!The first step in making him stand out at his My Super Sweet 16 party is finding the perfect bling. DJ and his stepdad go shopping at a local jewelry store, and this high roller chooses only the finest -- a diamond set worth $250,000! But what father can say no to his son, who only turns 16 once?Next up: finding the perfect threads for the party. DJ won't settle on just any suit -- he must have it custom-made by the chic Elevee boutique, famous for designing clothes for celebrities. When the tailor comes to DJ's house to take his measurements, he blatantly flirts with her, forgetting all about his girlfriend. He eagerly points out the "eight-pack" he's rocking, but she just makes fun of him when she spots his SpongeBob SquarePants boxer shorts! When all is said and done, though, DJ is sure to look smoking in his $5,000 suit! He may not have wooed the tailor, but the girls at his party will definitely swoon.After DJ's mom takes it upon herself to book a venue for the party, DJ and his friends head over to scope out the place. Much to his dismay, it's just a plain old auditorium, and ordinary just won't cut it. The stage isn't nearly big enough for DJ to dance on and there's no VIP room! But will DJ be able to find another place in time for the party?Even though the venue is still up in the air, DJ sets out to find the hottest go-go dancers to shake their booties during his grand entrance. He and his friends audition many hot mamas for the role, prompting his mother to put her foot down and say no to one very scantily clad lady. In the end, though, DJ is satisfied with the go-go girls he'll have at his My Super Sweet 16 party.Next order of business: handing out the coveted invitations. DJ's stepdad gets some of his famous football colleagues to join DJ at his school and personally autograph each invitation. DJ carefully calls each invitee one by one, almost forgetting his girlfriend Mimi in the process, whish she isn't too happy about. Will the couple survive this My Super Sweet 16 bash?With high hopes, DJ goes to check out a second option for his venue, a trendy art gallery called Terra. After one look, DJ falls in love with the place. It's perfect! With the venue set, DJ takes time to straighten things out with his girlfriend by taking her shopping for a party dress in hopes of keeping her happy. When the two can't decide on which dress to get, DJ resorts to flipping a coin and Mimi wins. Reluctantly, DJ pays for the dress, claiming that he just wants to make sure that she looks "up to par" at his party.On the evening of the big event, the limousine is 30 minutes late picking up DJ and his entourage, leaving everyone stressed and antsy. But tardiness doesn't stop DJ from making a kick-ass grand entrance. He shines just "like a black diamond!" In fact, he's so fly that all the girls at the party can't take their eyes off him.Once the party is underway, DJ takes the stage and shows off his sweet dance skills and then spends the night partying with all the lovely ladies in the crowd. But Mimi isn't too pleased that her man can't spare her more than five seconds, so she chases him around trying to get his attention until she finally gives up and backs off.Just when DJ thinks the party can't get any wilder, his mom and step dad surprise him with his very own Mercedes-Benz! DJ is thrilled; he didn't ask his parents for anything - especially not a Benz!After the party is over, DJ is thankful that Mimi respected his space and realizes that she's the right girl for him. Looks like this Super Sweet 16er got everything he hoped for and more -- the perfect car, the perfect girl and the perfect party!

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