Ladies' Man 2

Season 6 Ep 4

Brian is a prototypical nerd when it comes to the ladies. Now, he's ready to be MADE into a Ladies' Man.Brian is the master of the Dance-Dance Revolution game, but he's no master of ladies. Rather he's known as a ladies' repellant with his poofy hair, banana shoes and use of big words. Brian's lady luck is about to change when he meets his coach, the author of "The Art of Mackin'," Tariq Nasheed. Brian is about to be MADE into a ladies' man!Brian's first task is to try mackin' to random girls at a bookstore. When nervous, Brian talks about Dungeons and Dragons. That's not exactly what Paris Hilton would call "hot." The next step toward mackhood is losing some love handles, so Brian hits the gym with personal trainer Don, and drops 22 pounds over the next few weeks.Saying goodbye to Old Yeller has never been easy--not the dog but Brian's beloved yellow sneakers that the girls hate! Tariq replaces them with hip foot gear. Dressed to impress, Brian replaces his nerdy glasses with cool contacts and practices some smooth mackin' on the female hair stylist.Back at school Brian's peers notice his new look but he really wants Elizabeth to notice. She's his ideal prom date because she's attractive and intriguing. Unfortunately Brian's balloon is deflated when Elizabeth cruises by without noticing him. He gets the courage to ask her to the prom but she tries avoiding him, then says she'll go as a friend. Disappointed, Brian cries and questions his ability to be a ladies' man.The tears turn to tears of joy after Brian dates three additional girls. Of them, he bonds with Nancy who likes him for who he is. He asks her to the prom and she accepts. Happy again, Brian reflects on his error--staying stuck on one girl for too long. Realizing that he's at the prom with a girl that he has a chance of having a relationship with is most fulfilling. Brian has been MADE!

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