Season 1 Ep 16/11/2009

Maci is the classic overachiever at her high school in Chattanooga,TN. She gets good grades, is on the cheerleading squad and plays softball. She keeps in touch with her wild side by riding dirt bikes. Her boyfriend Ryan, who rides four-wheelers, chased after Maci for what seemed like an eternity until he finally swept her off her feet and even put a ring on her finger. Now that Maci is pregnant, she's moving in with Ryan and planning to graduate early.Parents and friends were shocked when they found out Maci was pregnant. But it didn't take long for the shock to wear off and the excitement to take over. Maci and Ryan are lucky to have very supportive parents and friends. But with everyone around them full of enthusiasm, Ryan is the only dud. After awhile, even friends are saying that Ryan is going to need father classes -- he's never even held a baby before. Maci doesn't let it phase her though, thinking that once the baby comes he'll know what to do. In the meantime, she's focused on graduating before she gives birth. She enrolls in an accelerated high school which makes for awkward and funny moments when she returns to visit her friends at their old high school.At her final doctor's appointment, Maci listens to the baby's heartbeat while Ryan sits awkwardly aside. The doctor lets her know that she's 1 and 1/2 centimeters dilated and the baby could come at any time. Ryan looks less than thrilled as Maci just laughs at him. After spending the night at Ryan's parents', they decide to go ride four-wheelers with their friends. But Maci is too pregnant and has to stop. Maci thinks it might be time and they rush to the hospital. After thirty hours of pain and labor, beautiful Bentley Cadence is born.Once they take him home, Maci and Ryan start learning how to take care of their baby. Of course, Ryan thought the baby would come out, "walking and riding," so Maci has to teach him how to change the diaper. Ryan switches to the day shift and Maci spends all of her time at home taking care of Bentley. It seems like the only time she gets out of the house is when she graduates from high school. At her graduation dinner, Maci gets frustrated when she has to change Bentley's diaper and generally attend to his needs. She's disappointed that she can't join her friends for the after party.Two months later, Maci moving full speed ahead, enrolling in community college. Not only that, she also keeps working for her dad and joins a dance team. With daycare too expensive, Maci encourages Ryan to help out, but he's more interested in going out with his friends. Tensions in their relationship rise and Maci stops wearing her engagement ring. When Bentley is four months old, Ryan is still unwilling to share the responsibility of taking care of Bentley, and a confrontation inevitably occurs. Each shares their feelings about being unhappy with the other and they must decide whether staying together is really what's best for their son. In the end, they are both committed to giving Bentley the happiness and lifestyle that he needs and deserves, and they try to make their relationship work.