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RW Denver 1818

It's been hookup central in the Denver house lately, and Brooke is feeling left out of all the fun. When she sees Davis and PJ getting frisky in the bedroom, she can't help but watch. Ready to bust at the sexual tension, Brooke's looking to relieve herself and jump in on some action. When their boss, Chris, calls, he breaks the bad news for Davis, Stephen and Brooke. Since they missed their final leg of training, the three will have to make up work at the gym and on the mountain. And, there's no backing out this time -- Chris wants photo evidence of their trek up two peaks. But, Brooke's ready to scale back where she can, taking it slow at the gym while Davis and Stephen are feeling the burn. Out with Brooke and PJ, Davis suggests a threesome. But, when PJ and Davis start mackin', Brooke turns to Tyrie and starts kissing him at the bar. Feeling awkward, Davis takes PJ and rolls home to the house. When Brooke comes back, she tries to pull Davis into the bathroom to explain the Tyrie make-out. PJ is slightly sketched out when he sees the situation, and Brooke doesn't help... she pulls PJ aside, saying he can't trust any guy to be his everything, telling him to look out for himself. On PJ's last night in Denver, Davis apologizes for what happened with Brooke. Swearing nothing will ever happen between himself and his roommate, Davis assures PJ that he won't have to worry about him in the next two months. After the two say goodbye at the airport, Davis comes home crying and Tyrie lends his support. At the next gym outing, Davis starts to bicker with Brooke about the PJ incident. Mad that Brooke caused a rift with PJ on his last days visiting, he calls Brooke out on her actions. The fight continues on their trek up the mountain the next morning. When Brooke keeps complaining about the day, Davis asks her to stop and Brooke snaps back. After Davis drops a few curse words her way, Brooke throws water in his face. Davis tells her she can't keep going off on the roommates and storms off. Eventually, Davis realizes he needs to meet up with the two in order to prove he completed Chris' tasks. He catches them on their way up the peak, but things are still shaky with Brooke. When the two go out with Jenn, they decide to repair the damage from the day. He apologizes for cursing at her, and Brooke says she's sorry for throwing the water and being irritable. Back on the dance floor and flirting, it looks as though things are back to normal.