Super Made: Fashion Reporter

Season 8 Ep 610/7/2007

Josh is a veteran of MTV's MADE. Last season, he was transformed from theater geek to soccer player. Now he lives in New York City and wants MADE to work its magic once more. This time, though, the small-town Vermont boy wants to be transformed into a fashion-savvy, camera-ready TV reporter. But with just six weeks to until NYC's Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event of the year, will Josh be able to score an on-air gig?As he moves into his new apartment, Josh talks about how he has always dreamed about turning his love for fashion into a full-time job. While his friends and family wonder why he would subject himself to the cutthroat fashion industry, he hopes he'll fit right in. Although he just moved in, Josh finds an invitation from his secret MADE coach for a preview party for Iceberg's new men's collection. His first assignment is to schmooze with 10 of the hottest people in the business. Josh better dress to impress!As Josh enters the party, he spots his all-time fashionista hero, America's Next Top Model's Nole Marin. Little does he know that Nole will be his MADE coach, and he's secretly being observed during the party. After watching Josh leave the party without saying goodbye to anyone, Nolé trashes his "Brokeback Mountain boots" that are "so last year." It's obvious Josh has a lot to learn.After the party, Josh's still-secret MADE coach sends Josh another note, telling him to head to "where the needle meets the button." As an avid reader of Vogue, Josh knows that means he must go to the Fashion Walk of Fame. Upon arriving, Josh is absolutely speechless when he learns that Nole is going to be his MADE coach, and he quickly learns that the glitz and glamour of the fashion business is not the main part of the job. As a fashion journalist, Josh must know the history of each and every designer inside and out.To learn more about the biz, Nole tells Josh that his next assignment is to interview people on the street about their own personal fashion. But Josh waits till the last minute to do the assignment, and when he decides to head out it starts to rain. With no one walking the streets, he fails to talk to anyone. Nole gives him another shot, handing him a video camera so he can film himself to see how he looks and acts on camera. To help prepare Josh for two big on-air auditions at TV shows, his MADE coach has set up three interviews with male models, which will be critiqued.After floundering during the interviews with the male models, it's clear that Josh has a long way to go before he can truly be MADE. So Nole; sends Josh off to get some pointers from fashion journalist Karen Robinovitz. She throws a book at him and tells him he must know all the fashion lingo 'cause he won't be able to walk the walk if he can't talk the talk! She informs him she's going to quiz him the next week on the material she just gave him. If he fails, she'll be giving him some The Devil Wears Prada-type grunt work. Time to hit the books, Josh!To help Josh become seriously submerged in fashion, MADE coach Nole; gets him an internship at fashion design company Heatherette. On his first day, though, Josh totally screws up a Starbucks orders, making Heatherette co-owner Richie Rich a bit agitated. If he can't handle a simple coffee run, how's he ever going to handle the runway?Later on, he's asked to pull clothes for a Lil Mama photo shoot and ends up embarrassing himself by picking out frumpy, old-fashioned outfits. It looks like the people at Heatherette must school Josh about what's hot and what's not.When Josh takes Karen's test, he fails, so he must do some grunt work. After a full day of being Karen's personal assistant -- which includes taking photos of dozens and dozens of pairs of shoes and picking up dry cleaning -- Josh says he never wants to be a personal assistant ever again. Despite disliking his job, Karen is impressed with his performance and gives him a Libertine scarf for a job well done.With no down time at all, Josh meets with Amy Palmer, star and creator of the TV show New York 360, for his first on-air audition. Josh stutters and stumbles over his words but, after testing his interviewing skills and fashion show commentary chops, Amy feels he has enough fashion knowledge to be considered for a position.While waiting to hear back from New York 360, Josh finds out that his other on-air audition won't be happening. Now he must score a gig at New York 360 or all his hard work is for nothing.After waiting it out for a few days, Amy Palmer calls Josh and asks him to come back in for a second interview. This is his last shot at making his dreams of being MADE come true. At the meeting, Amy gives him some tips and pointers and, thankfully, asks him to be one of their reporters during Fashion Week. Josh's excitement is short-lived, though, because now comes the tough part. Amy tells him he must find and interview a top fashion designer. With no one there to help him, Josh will totally be flying solo.When Fashion Week just days away, Josh gets a makeover and is ready to roll. He nails his interview, making a very good impression on Amy and the rest of the crew at New York 360. Once he wraps up his report, Amy and Nole congratulate him and Amy hints there just might be a full-time spot for him on her show. Looks like this small-town boy may have finally made his childhood dream come true!