Model: Adam

Season 9 Ep 87/20/2008

San Diego, Calif., is full of tall, tan, buff dudes -- and then there's Adam. As a longhaired hippie with a paisley-packed wardrobe, Adam isn't exactly your typical SoCal teen. Not only does he look like he's never seen the sun or exercised a day in his life, but he's super-short. Fed up with not fitting in with his school's high standard of beauty, Adam wants to be MADE into a model.For Adam, becoming a model means more than a haircut and a new wardrobe; it means becoming a more confident person. As the president of his school's Invisible Children Club, an organization that improves the quality of life for kids in Uganda, Adam thinks feeling more comfortable in his own skin will help him better promote his cause. That being said, he also wants people to see that he's more than a "hippie do-gooder," so he plans to strut his stuff in his school's senior fashion show.When Adam reveals his plan to his parents, they're worried that being MADE into a model will take his focus off school. Fortunately, Adam has figured out a way to garner more support for his quest. He wants to partner with the senior fashion show to raise money for Invisible Children. Who could turn down a good cause?On a seemingly normal day at his after-school job, Adam is asked to make a special delivery. The customer is none other than his MADE coach, Michael Maddox, a fashion show producer that has worked with models like Tyson Beckford. Upon first glance, Michael comments on Adam's 5'7" frame, which isn't exactly ideal in the modeling world. Hoping there's something special hidden under all that paisley, Michael makes Adam showcase his body in a shirtless photo shoot. Faced with his pale flab, Adam and Michael realize that there's a lot of work to be done.The next day, Michael teaches Adam how to walk like a runway model, or at least he tries to. Recognizing that Adam will never be able to walk like a model until he gets more confidence, Michael sends him to see Tony, a personal trainer. With Tony's help, Adam gets the most intense -- and possibly first -- workout of his life.Unfortunately, being MADE into a model isn't the only thing on Adam's plate. He also has to complete a senior project in order to graduate. When he arrives completely unprepared to his first project meeting, his advisor is not happy. As if that wasn't enough, Adam then meets with the senior fashion show organizers and learns that he's missed the application deadline for models. They agree to give him an extension, leaving Adam to wonder if he can really handle so many obligations.Just when he's starting to feel overwhelmed, Adam gets an assignment from MADE coach Michael Maddox, who wants him to prepare a portfolio for a weekend trip to Los Angeles. However, Adam's dad won't let him go until his school project is finished. By the time Friday rolls around, neither Adam's project nor his portfolio are complete, but Adam hops in his car and speeds off to L.A. anyway, throwing some pictures together at the last minute.Once in L.A., Adam meets with four different modeling agents, all of who think his height, hair and braces will hinder him from becoming a model. After the meetings, a dejected Adam is left wondering why Michael even bothered to bring him to L.A. in the first place. Michael explains that the agents Adam met will be attending the senior fashion show and may offer Adam a contract if he shows enough improvement. The pressure is really on now!With a legitimate modeling contract now riding on his success, Adam turns in his application for the fashion show and meets MADE coach Michael Maddox at a thrift store to get a new look. Adam fails to put together an acceptable outfit on his own, so Michael shows him what real style is. Satisfied with his protégé's new threads, Michael reveals that he's sending Adam to Miami's Fashion Week.Luckily for Adam, his parents seem to have totally forgotten about his senior project as they wish him luck and send him off to sunny Florida. There, Adam meets Chrispy, director of a Miami modeling agency, who takes him on his very first casting call. Backstage at a fashion show, Adam throws on some oversize clothes and is paraded in front of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. Unfortunately, Adam's look fails to impress the celebrity designer and he's forced to watch the show from the sidelines.The next day, Chrispy challenges Adam to approach random girls on the beach and ask them what they think of his modeling potential. Sounds simple enough ... but Chrispy wants him to do it alongside a real model while wearing nothing but a Speedo! Adam begrudgingly completes the assignment despite feeling inadequate.Back home, MADE coach Michael Maddox has Adam hit the street to photograph some girls so he can see what makes a good snapshot. It's an enlightening experience, but it distracts him from his senior project, which is due in a week!To make matters worse, Adam still hasn't convinced the senior fashion show organizers to donate some of the proceeds to his charity. Hoping to inspire Adam, Michael has him talk with another avid activist for Invisible Children -- Pete Wentz! The Fall Out Boy bassist encourages Adam to stay the course, both in charity and modeling. Revitalized, Adam meets with the organizers again and they promise to donate $1 from each ticket sold.His conscience satisfied, Adam storms through the rest of his senior project and delivers a spot-on presentation. Now his only obstacle is getting his body ready for the fashion show. Personal trainer Tony steps things up in their workouts and MADE coach Michael Maddox takes him to the salon to get tanned, waxed and trimmed.When Adam unveils his new look at school, it's a huge hit! Despite the votes of confidence, Adam is a ball of nerves backstage before the senior fashion show. But when it's his turn on the runway, he struts his stuff like a pro.After the show, Adam gets a major surprise when MADE coach Michael Maddox presents him with a check for $16,000! Apparently, Michael was so touched by Adam's cause that he organized his own Invisible Children fundraiser. Adam is floored by the gesture -- and the good news just keeps on coming.One of the modeling agents from L.A. expresses an interest in working with Adam in the future. It's not exactly a contract, but he'll take it! With a stellar strut down the runway, a huge check for his favorite charity and a possible future in the fashion business, Adam can't help but feel confident. There's no doubt about it, he's been MADE!