Hi Lauren, It’s Spencer

Season 5 Ep 5095/25/2009

At lunch with Stephanie, Heidi has some exciting news to share. Her big "princess wedding" with Spencer is officially happening! Heidi tells an enthusiastic Stephanie all about her romantic Ferris wheel proposal. But Stephanie's excitement is short-lived when Heidi asks soon-to-be-sister-in-law to invite Lauren to the wedding. Stephanie tries to get out of it, because she's been "pushing [Lauren's] buttons lately," especially with the whole firing incident. But Heidi insists that she really wants Lauren to be at her wedding. "She can't re-fire you," Heidi tells Stephanie.As Audrina and Lo shop through racks of clothing, Lo tells Audrina that Brody will be at the same Nylon party they are going to. Audrina tells Lo that she hasn't seen or heard from Brody since his girlfriend pressured him to make Audrina leave the My House nightclub. Lo advises Audrina to just say hello to everyone as a group to avoid drama if Brody and Jayde do show up at the Nylon event. "We'll see what happens," Audrina says.Meanwhile, Stephanie and Lauren are out to lunch. Stephanie tells a surprised Lauren that Heidi is officially getting married. "What do I have to do to convince you to go?" Stephanie asks. Lauren tells Stephanie that she doesn't think it would make a difference if she shows up or not, but Stephanie says it would mean the world to Heidi. Lauren still declines the invite.Over at a driving range, Spencer is hitting golf balls with his friend Charlie. Spencer tells Charlie that he got permission from Heidi's dad to marry Heidi and now, "I'm the happiest I've ever been in my entire life." But Spencer says he still has to deal with Heidi's mom and Heidi wanting Lauren at the wedding when he doesn't. Charlie tells Spencer to apologize to Lauren and invite her to the wedding anyway. "Put out the positive vibes, get over it and bury the hatchet," Charlie tells Spencer. Spencer refuses.At the bridal shop, Heidi is in full-fledged wedding planning mode as she tries on dresses in front of her sister Holly and Stephanie. Heidi finds the perfect dress but gets a little sad when Stephanie confesses that the odds of getting Lauren to come to Heidi's wedding are slim.It's a new day and Lauren, Lo, Audrina and Stephanie are having brunch. They reminisce over mimosas about the days when they use to hate each other. Lauren points out that the common link to all of their conflict over the years has been Spencer. Lo suggests they raise their glasses and cheers how far they've come. The girls all agree that it's sad that Heidi isn't with them and Stephanie uses the opening to ask Audrina and Lo if they will attend the wedding. Audrina says she's going while Lo tells a dismayed Lauren that she hasn't decided yet. Despite all her friends staking out spots in the pews, Lauren shrugs off any encouragement to go and suggests they send her Blackberry messages during the ceremony.Later that night, Audrina, Lo and Stephanie are at the Nylon Young Hollywood Party. Stephanie goes into panic mode when Lo drops the bomb that Kelly Cutrone is the party's hostess. Lo tries to calm Stephanie by saying that she probably won't have a run-in. Meanwhile, Brody, Jayde and Frankie arrive at the party and ignore Stephanie, Audrina and Lo despite being seated across from them at the same table. And things get tenser when Kelly Cutrone comes up to Stephanie and confronts her about why she got fired. "Are you going to blame me for your ineptitude?" Kelly asks Stephanie. Back at the table Brody says aloud that Jayde has every right to be upset with Audrina and that he doesn't care about being friends with Audrina either. Having had enough emotional episodes for one night, Lo, Audrina and Stephanie make a quick exit.At Heidi and Spencer's house, Heidi asks her future husband to put aside his ego and apologize to Lauren so that she will come to the wedding. Spencer again refuses, because he's "not the bigger person." But Heidi won't back down. She tells Spencer that he better do this for her.Over at Audrina's house, Stephanie and Audrina are rehashing last night's drama at the Young Hollywood Party. Audrina says she doesn't need a friend like Brody if he and his girlfriend are going to continue to badmouth her. The conversation then turns to Lauren not going to Heidi's wedding. Audrina says it won't do any good to talk to her about it considering how upset she got at lunch when they brought it up.At People's Revolution, Heidi drops by to see Lauren. She pulls out a wedding invite and tells Lauren that she'd love to have her at the ceremony. Lauren thanks her but doesn't agree to come, admitting that she doesn't understand why Heidi even wants her at the wedding. The ex-best friends then have a heart-to-heart chat about why Lauren doesn't approve of Heidi marrying Spencer. "I don't want one of the most amazing people I've ever known to disappear," Lauren tells a tearful Heidi. They share a hug before Heidi heads back to work.Shortly after Heidi's visit, Lauren is shocked when she receives a call from Spencer. Spencer gives her his "first apology in about 24 years." He then says sorry for spreading hurtful rumors about Lauren and tries to get her to attend the wedding despite their history. Lauren cordially tells Spencer that she still doesn't feel right about going, but she is visibly affected after hanging up.

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