Season 2 Ep 73/30/2010

Nicole is a 16-year-old prankster from Longwood, FL. Nicole's mom, Tina, stepped up to raise her when Nicole's dad died at age 2 and it's been the two of them ever since. This changes when she meets the energy-filled Tyler and falls head over heels for him. Tyler's only 15-years-old but he needs to grow up soon because Nicole's pregnant with his baby.Nicole left her sophomore year of high school a few months before her due date but plans to return after giving birth. Tyler hasn't been in school since he was 13-years-old, which is the same time he left his mom's house to move in with his grandmother, Nell. As Nicole's due date approaches, they find out they're having a baby girl and decide to name her Brooklyn. Tyler intends to return to school, quit smoking, and get a job by the time baby Brooklyn arrives.Tyler doesn't have a good relationship with his mother but he's great with his two younger sisters, which makes his fathering capabilities apparent. Tyler's mom isn't happy that he's having a baby but thankfully Tina and Nell are very supportive. Nicole is 32 weeks pregnant and invites her friends over for some fun before baby Brooklyn comes. The prank phone calls are cut short when Nicole has sharp pains in her belly and is rushed to the hospital.The doctors give Nicole a shot to keep her from going into pre term labor and she returns home just in time for her baby shower! Nicole and Tyler's friends and family come together to celebrate baby Brooklyn at her baby shower but unfortunately, Tyler's mom, Farrah, makes an appearance. Farrah can only say negative and hateful things about Tyler that eventually lead to a fight and Tyler gets upset.Nicole's due date is only a few days away and in preparation Tyler enrolls in a program to complete his GED and Nicole is doing everything she can to start her labor. Nicole even drinks castor oil and speeds over speed bumps to start her labor but nothing seems to work. Finally, in a game of pool with Tyler, Nicole goes into labor. Her labor is intense but after more than 12 hours Brooklyn is born weighing 9lbs 6 oz and all of their friends and family (including Farrah, Tyler's mom) are there to welcome her.Brooklyn is 3 days old and it's time to take her to Nell's house -- Nicole and Tyler plan to go back and forth between his Nell's house and Tina's house. Since Brooklyn was born Tyler quit smoking, is taking classes toward his GED, and even got a job! Tyler is even getting along with Farrah. Things are starting to look better for Nicole's family.Nicole and Tyler have a lot of support from their families and they spend their time moving from Nell's house, to Tina's house, to Farrah's house. All of them are more than willing to help take care of Brooklyn but Farrah doesn't think moving around so much is good for Brooklyn. Nicole listens to Farrah's concerns and begins to reconsider their living situation.Brooklyn is one month old and the exhaustion of motherhood has set in for Nicole. She no longer feels like a teenager and realizes it's going to take time for her and Tyler to learn how to be parents. Nicole is grateful to have Tyler in her life but hopes Brooklyn will make better decisions when she's a teenager.