Fashion With A Capital F

Season 2 Ep 66/1/2010

At ELLE's offices in midtown, Erin and Olivia are discussing the event of the week: a party for GUESS by Marciano. Erin urges Olivia to prepare as much coverage as possible, telling her the event's extremely important to Joe, but Olivia brushes off her suggestions, insisting she's got it covered. After asking Olivia to join at her at the GUESS showroom beforehand (Olivia says she'll check her schedule), Erin floats the idea of inviting Whitney to the party to put the Rue La La shoot behind them. Indifferent, Olivia tells her she has "no problem" with Whit being there.Over at People's Revolution, Kelly approaches Whitney and Roxy with some news: in light of Roxy's behavior at Glamour last week, Kelly's decided it's best to pull her "out of Whitney Eve mode" so Whitney can establish her own brand. Instead, Roxy will have a new assignment: overseeing the press appointments for some of People's Rev's biggest designers. Before she leaves, Kelly passes on Erin's invitation (to the GUESS party) and encourages both girls to attend.Meanwhile, Erin and Olivia meet with Alina Hauptman from GUESS to pick out clothes from the GUESS by Marciano collection for the event. Although both girls diligently flip through the racks, Olivia seems underwhelmed, and the only shirt that grabs her attention is one she finds for Erin. "That would be nice on you," she tells Erin, "a like, a big, chunky sweater."That night, at the event, Joe and Erin greet Whitney and Roxy and Joe apologizes for the "glitches" at the Rue La La shoot. To make it up to Whitney, he offers to go through her collection with her and Whitney enthusiastically agrees. Meanwhile, Erin spots Olivia walking the red carpet and realizes she's worn another designer's clothes to the event. While Erin and Joe marvel at her inappropriateness (Joe calls it "absolutely disrespectful"), Olivia nonchalantly tells Alina from GUESS that the "sizes didn't fit."The next day, Whitney and Roxy meet up at Mojo coffee to rehash last night's event. After noting Olivia's fashion faux pas (Roxy can't believe Erin has to "put up with her every day"), Whitney admits she's excited and apprehensive about showing Joe her line. He's an extremely influential figure in fashion-- what if he doesn't see her potential?Later at People's Revolution, Roxy's working with designer Henry Holland, when she runs into Maria (the editor from Glamour) and starts talking to her about Whitney Eve. After the client leaves, Kelly tells her that could've been disastrous -- and warns her to never, ever talk about another designer in a designer's presence. "This is not Whitney's day," she reminds Roxy, before telling her she'll be handling the next client alone. "Don't f--- it up," Kelly warns.Over at ELLE, Joe calls Olivia and Erin in to discuss last night's GUESS party. Despite the phenomenal turnout, Joe says Alina was unhappy about Olivia's refusal to wear GUESS. Although Olivia insists it wasn't her fault (saying Alina sent everything "last minute,") Joe tells her he's extremely disappointed and says he hopes she appreciates the seriousness of the situation.Meanwhile, Roxy's holding down the fort at People's Revolution, introducing her next client (designer Daniela Felder) to Mickey Boardman, the editorial director at Paper Magazine. At first, Roxy does her job promoting Daniela's line, however, when Daniela slips out to get some more clothes, Roxy immediately shakes off Kelly's advice -- and starts talking to Mickey about Whitney Eve.Around the same time, Whitney's walking into ELLE's offices to go over her collection with Joe, who's invited Anne Slowey (ELLE's fashion news director) along for the meeting. Unfortunately, things don't go as well as Whitney hoped. After grilling her about her inspiration, Anne Slowey says she's having trouble seeing Whitney's point of view, and tells Whitney her collection is unoriginal and lacks focus. Although Joe's a bit kinder with criticism, he agrees that Whitney's still got a lot of room to grow as a designer, and by the time the meeting's over, Whitney's practically in tears.Elsewhere at ELLE, Erin swings by Seth's desk to schedule a meeting with ELLE's editor-in-chief. When Olivia flounces by, Erin hints that it might be time to bring in someone new for Olivia's job.Meanwhile, Whitney meets Kelly at Felix Restaurant in Soho to debrief her on the meeting with ELLE. Although Whitney's having trouble shaking off Joe and Anne's critiques (which she describes as "brutal"), Kelly tells her she needs to drown out other people's opinions and stay true to herself. Besides, not everyone gets a meeting with two of the biggest editors in fashion! You're on Anne Slowey's radar now, Kelly reminds Whitney. "I'm so proud of you."Over on the Upper East Side, Erin's sitting down at Sarabeth's with fashion journalist Louise Roe. After finding out a bit about Louise's background (she used to write a column for ELLE in the UK), Erin tells her she's looking for someone to start at "We have someday there now," Erin tells Louise, but it's "just not working out."