Season 23/16/2010

Lori is a bubbly teen from a small suburban town in northern Kentucky. Her parents adopted her as a child and raised her into a well-rounded young woman. That's why her parents, not to mention her all-girls Catholic high school, were shocked to find out she's pregnant at just 17 years old with boyfriend, Cory.Lori's parents have been pushing her to choose adoption since she first found out she was pregnant but both Lori and Cory want to keep their child, even after they break up a few months into her pregnancy. Being adopted, Lori is especially invested in keeping her child -- it's the only blood family she will have. Lori's parents see adoption as a loving gift because if Lori's biological mother didn't choose adoption, they wouldn't have Lori.When Lori's parents attend her ultrasound, they realize how hard it will be to say goodbye to this baby if Lori chooses adoption. Despite this, they still believe adoption is the best option and they question Lori and Cory how they will care for their baby. Cory offers his apartment as a home for Lori and their baby and their problems seem to be fixed.Cory hasn't been in touch with Lori since offering his apartment to her and she starts looking at her options. Lori and her mom meet with a family friend who was also a pregnant teen but decided to do an open adoption with her baby. Lori is starting to become more open to the idea of adoption, especially when her most recent talk with Cory doesn't go well and it's starting to look like she won't be able to move in with him.Lori meets with potential adoptive parents but still isn't sure it's the right decision for her and her baby. Lori's dad calls Cory to discuss baby plans and Cory shares, for the first time, that he won't be able to care for their child and thinks adoption is the best choice. Lori falls apart when she hears this and feels forced into adoption.Adoption wasn't Lori's first choice but now she feels like it's her only one. Lori and Cory sit down to talk and he explains, even though it's going to be really hard to do, adoption is best because he's not financially stable enough to take care of their baby. Their baby's future is becoming clear but it becomes more confusing when the potential adoptive parents call to say they no longer want to adopt. Due to this new development, Lori and Cory look at adoption portfolios but Cory's unsure if this is the right decision.Lori finds an adoptive couple she likes and she and her parents meet with them. The couple wants an open adoption and Lori finally feels like adoption, with this couple, is the best choice. The baby's future is decided just in time for Lori to be induced into labor.Baby Aidan is born but unfortunately it is not a happy time for everyone. Cory's very upset with their choice of adoption and yells at Lori and her parents. Lori spends alone time with Aidan but now it's time to give him to his new parents at an adoption ceremony. It's an emotional event but goodbye is only temporary in an open adoption. Lori is confident that she made the right choice for Aidan and sees herself being a mom one day, when the time is right.