Run's Birthday

Season 3 Ep 74/29/07

Outside of Run's House, Rev Run greets his friend Treach of Naughty by Nature, who has stopped by for lunch. Treach, who's been rapping since the early 1990s, tells Run that he's been working on some new rhymes. This is a revelation to Run, who starts bugging out after seeing Treach because he feels that he should be rhyming, too.With Rev Run's birthday coming up, the family wonders why he's moping around instead of getting excited. Justine suggests having a party but, despite the fact that he's a rap icon, Run doesn't think anyone will show up. Although he's feeling down in the dumps, Run decides to put the feelers out to see who might be interested in coming to his party.Rev Run asks his son JoJo if his friends think Run-D.M.C. is cool. JoJo reminds Run that he's a legend, and sums up Run's fears as a "midlife crisis." Run is shocked that JoJo would think he's going through a midlife crisis, so he asks Russy and Diggy if they think he's been acting weird. The boys don't help matters when they agree with JoJo and say a midlife crisis is "when an old man buys 20 Lamborghinis." After talking to his sons, Run feels worse than before, since he owns a Lamborghini and other fancy cars. Could he really be having a midlife crisis?Meanwhile, Justine, Vanessa and Angela move forward with planning a birthday party for Rev Run. Justine tries to convince Run that a party will make him feel better, but now Run definitely doesn't want one because he's too worried that he's having midlife crisis.Justine pulls JoJo aside and tells him that his midlife crisis joke is causing Rev Run to shuffle around the house "like Ozzy Osbourne." To try to boost Run's mood, JoJo takes him to get a massage. During his massage, Run has an epiphany about his life and becomes adamant about not having a party. When Run gets home he confronts Diggy about his Lamborghini comment, saying: "A man in a midlife crisis buys a Corvette, but a man who buys a Lamborghini has no crisis."Despite the fact that Rev Run doesn't want a party, Justine, Vanessa and Angela are still busy making plans. They quickly realize that it won't be hard to fill a room with Run's friends and fans because his name still carries a lot of weight in the hip-hop community.On the morning of his birthday, Rev Run tells Justine that it's his day and he wants to stay at home in his pajamas, which he calls his "birthday suit." After some prodding, though, Justine successfully gets Run to get dressed and go out to dinner with the family. Little does he know that the surprise of a lifetime is in store for him!As they roll up to "dinner" at Tenjune club in NYC, Rev Run spots a red carpet and the paparazzi and realizes that he's not having a laid back dinner with family. When he enters the packed venue, Run is welcomed by the likes of Naughty by Nature, Good Charlotte and Redman. And, of course, Run quickly gets into the spirit of the night and takes the stage, rocking the house with a staple hip-hop rhyme: "Throw ya hands in the air, and wave 'em like you just don't care!" The crowd goes nuts, and Run has the time of his life. "I should have a midlife crisis more often," he says."How do you deal with getting older? Birthdays are a time of reflection. But don't dwell on the life you left behind, appreciate the life that's in front of you. Be present in the future and live for today. And remember, we should never look back. God is love." -- Rev Run.

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