Last Men Standing

Season 11 Ep 163/20/2006

It is final guy Gauntlet day. Rookie team captains Kina and Alton talk about what guy might be sent to the Gauntlet if they were to lose. Alton suggests Randy. The Veteran girls try to settle the boys' nerves by baking them cookies. Even with a warm cookie, Timmy fears he will be going to the Gauntlet should the Veterans lose.At the challenge, each team will have to split into two groups and disassemble and reassemble a bike. The first team to complete this two wheeled puzzle wins. Rookie Randy's bike expertise results in a Rookie win.At the Gauntlet deliberation, Derrick brings attention to David's lack of effort. Timmy wants to volunteer himself, but Derrick demands a vote. After two counts, it remains tied between David and Timmy. As Derrick takes his frustration out on a table, time runs out and a decision has to be made. Timmy steps up and gives himself to the Gauntlet.This final Gauntlet will be decided by Reverse Tug of War.It will be the most dedicated Gauntlet fighter against one of the Veterans with the biggest heart. Will Derrick hold on as captain and live to see the finals? Only the Gauntlet knows.