Sneaker Pimps & Mini Moguls

Season 3 Ep 44/29/07

It's another day at Run's House, and Rev Run finds his son Russy sitting on the floor of his room counting money. Russy explains that his uncle, Russell Simmons, is his role model because they share a common interest: money. Russy tells Run that he's motivated by seeing his savings add up and says he wants to mimic "Uncle Russell" by making more and more money.Meanwhile, at a shoe store in the city, Vanessa and Angela are bummed that they can't find any sneakers that suit their style, so they tell Justine that they want to pitch a sneaker line to their father's company, Run Athletics. Next thing you know, Vanessa and Angela crash their dad's Run Athletics meeting and pitch their business proposal for a new line of women's shoes.Back home, Russy and JoJo raid Diggy's room for valuables to sell. Although Diggy objects, he's easily outnumbered, and he watches Russy and JoJo haul the items off. Just then, a delivery man shows up with a package for Rev Run, and Russy runs to answer the door. When Rev Run takes too long to get to the door, Russy begins hustling the delivery man and tries to sell him a suitcase full of stuff. When Run realizes what Russy's doing, he swiftly intervenes and sends Russy upstairs.On the other end of town, Vanessa and Angela continue to pitch their shoe idea to Rasheed Young, president of Run Athletics. Rasheed is buying into it and decides to call the girls' uncle Russell to see what he thinks of the idea. But Russell is just ticked that Rasheed put him on the spot by calling him on speakerphone. When Rasheed picks up the receiver for a private conversation, Russell shouts several expletives at him and questions whether Rasheed wants to keep his job. In the end, though, Russell gives his nieces "one shot, and that's it!"Vanessa and Angela stay up all night designing shoes with the help of Run Athletics' senior designer, Brian Morton. The next day the girls give a professional presentation and pitch the idea to Rev Run, Russell and Rasheed.The sneakers that Vanessa and Angela designed are cute performance shoes for women called Pastry. The Cake Collection consists of cake flavor-inspired patterns like Red Velvet, Chocolate Mousse and Strawberry Shortcake with Sprinkles. The pitch is a success, and Vanessa and Angela are able to seal the deal. Excited, Vanessa and Angela report the news to Justine who responds, "Yaay, girl power!"After talking to Rev Run about how to properly sell items, Russy sets up a table of goods to peddle to neighborhood kids. Cha-ching! Business is good for the little man in a suit. But Rev Run tells a reluctant Russy that the money has to go in the bank so that it can earn interest. Run is quick to point out that while Uncle Russell is a "big mogul," Russy is already becoming the family's "mini-mogul."That night, Rev Run and Justine reflect on the kids' desires to be entrepreneurs. When Run ponders whether it was Vanessa or Angela who came up with putting sprinkles on the shoes, Justine reminds him that it's not about competitiveness or who did what, but about teamwork. He agrees, saying, "Teamwork makes the dream work.""What good is talent if it's not being tapped? Recognize your children's strengths and abilities. Help turn their potential into something potent. Push your children to strive for greatness, and they'll thank you later on in life. Remember, it's a disgrace to let that talent go to waste. God is love." -- Rev Run

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