Hall of Fame

Season 6 Ep 97/13/2009

Rev Run finds out he's about to receive the greatest honor there is -- RUN-DMC is going to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But after his first wave of elation, the impending milestone brings up a lot of mixed emotions. Does this mean his best years are behind him? Rev's family is worried that he's not excited about the honor. He is even reluctant to give an interview to his son, JoJo, for Global Grind. Eventually, Rev agrees to JoJo's interview and it's at that moment that Rev realizes what this award is all about and he can finally be at peace with it. Meanwhile, Pastry's 2-year anniversary is here and Angela and Vanessa differ on how big to celebrate. Solomon is already coming out to do something small in their offices but Angela is thinking big and wants to do it at a hot Hollywood club. Ultimately, Angela wins out and takes a very big risk. But will it payoff?