Camp Rev

Season 4 Ep 611/15/07

With bags in hand, Russy and Diggy return from a friend's sleepover, and Rev Run questions why his sons never have friends stay over Run's House. The boys coyly admit that they are embarrassed to bring friends over because their father sometimes acts goofy. Immediately Run thinks he has the perfect solution to the problem -- it's time for Camp Rev! Yes, Run will be holding a sleepover for Russy and Diggy's friends, complete with relay races and a camp counselor named Run. The boys sit in silence. Is their dad for real?In the basement, JoJo and his group, Team Blackout, are working on their demo. But the beats blast throughout the house, driving Angela and Vanessa absolutely crazy. They bust in and tell JoJo to turn the music down, asking what he's working on and whether Rev Run is helping out. Confident with his own skills, JoJo tells Angela and Vanessa not to worry, he can do it all by himself. Looks like this young rapper has everything figured out.At Phat Farm headquarters in New York City, Russell Simmons fills his brother, Rev Run, in on a new clothing line, XV. But Russell is concerned that kids won't be into it, since Phat Farm is for older folks, like him and Run. So when Russell says he's looking for a fresh kid from the 'hood to come in and tell him what's hot, Run quickly suggests JoJo. Russell shrugs, not convinced that JoJo has what he's looking for. But could JoJo have flavor?When Rev Run gets home, he tells JoJo to head over to Uncle Russell's NYC apartment at 6:30 a.m. sharp. It's time for him to learn the family business!Bright and early the next morning, a bleary-eyed JoJo stumbles into Russell's apartment and catches his uncle practicing yoga. JoJo sits down on the couch and silently watches his uncle meditate. After a brief pause, Russell opens his eyes and tells JoJo it's time for him to work.For his first assignment, Russell takes JoJo to his office and gives him a stack of business books to read. Then, Russell tells JoJo to sit in his chair and asks how it feels. JoJo's loving the luxurious leather, but Russell reminds him that if he sits in "the big seat" that means there's a lot of responsibility. He leaves Russell to chew on that and read the books he's been given. Russell thinks JoJo needs real-life work experience, and it all starts here.After JoJo completes his first task, Russell takes him out to lunch to tell him he has a lot of talent and just needs to tap into his resources. Russell also reveals that he wants JoJo to run one of his companies one day. Time to learn the ropes!Back at Run's House, Camp Rev is in effect as a bunch of Russy and Diggy's pals pile inside. Run is excited, but the boys just hope their father doesn't embarrass them too much.As Russy and Diggy's friends frolic in the pool, Rev Run comes out and announces blows a whistle and announces it's time for a swimming competition. Then, on the basketball court, Run lines the kids up and tells them to shoot hoops. Of course, he expects them to dance at the same time, which embarrasses his sons to no end. This is exactly why they don't have friends over.When Rev Run takes a break from his camp counselor duties, he asks his wife, Justine, why the kids aren't feeling him. Justine tells him to relax and just have fun instead of trying so hard.At Phat Farm, JoJo gets a peek at the new XV line and offers his two cents about the cut of the jeans. He says that kids these days like their jeans tight, not baggy. Russell is already impressed, saying JoJo is a truthful -- and youthful -- asset to the company.After a long day, JoJo heads back to Uncle Russell's office ready to call it a night. There, JoJo admits he learned a lot and would like to work for Phat Farm. Russell is ecstatic and tells JoJo he'll be staying at his place -- so he can get up and do it all over again tomorrow!Meanwhile, over at Camp Rev, Russy and Diggy are starting to lighten up about their dad when they find Rev Run outside by the pool with a turntable. Run spins some old school hip-hop beats that make the kids want to dance. Later, while the kids are roasting marshmallows, Run tells them a story about taking the stage with Run-D.M.C. in front of 20,000 people and how the group got their own line of Adidas sneakers. All the kids find the stories to be pretty rad, even Russy and Diggy. When Run asks if he's cool now, he receives nods all around. His sons do admire him, and Run happily reclaims his status as the coolest father in the world. Everyone had fun at Camp Rev!"Do you make the most of your resources? There's no better network than family. Appreciate what you have in your own backyard, because the grass isn't always greener. Remember, your network determines your net worth. God is love." -- Rev Run

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