Ladies Man

Season 9 Ep 331/10/2009

Meet James. He's a high school nerd who loves comic books and superheroes. Since James goes to an all boys private school in the Bronx, he doesn't get much exposure to the ladies. James wants to break out of the geek mold and be MADE into a ladies man.James doesn't know how to get out of the friend zone and get serious with a girl, so he has an idea to recruit girls to his school's comic book club. The other guys in the club don't believe any girls will want to join and James' parents think he's way too young to have aspirations of a ladies man.At the next comic book club meeting, girls do show up to the meeting but James has a hard time keeping their interest. All of the girls start to leave the meeting one by one, except for one who turns out to be James' MADE coach. Rebecca Brody is relationship expert from New York City who is going to teach James how to be a ladies man.Coach Rebecca kicks the rest of the guys out of the room to talk to James about why he wants to be a ladies man. James and Coach Rebecca decide to work together for five weeks to find him a date for the school dance. James shows his coach some of dance moves and Coach Rebecca says she'll have to teach him some new ones.James brings Coach Rebecca over to his house to show his bachelor's pad. She's shocked at how many superheroes are in his room and tell him that he won't get a girl like this. Coach Rebecca tells him to take everything out of his room that is related to comic books and then the two head down to the local pizza shop to see how well James can interact with girls. When James can't seem to get it right, Rebecca decides to show up at this comic book club meeting again and steal him away from the guys.James and Rebecca go to a local restaurant and sit down to talk about the ten commandments of dating. James is stuck on the last commandment, which is how to kiss a girl, since he has never had his first kiss. Coach Rebecca shows him how to approach a girl for a kiss, but turns away right before James gets little too close. After that tease, James goes home to clean his room of anything that has to do with superheroes or comic books.James and his coach then go shopping for some new ladies man clothes but he isn't impressed with any of her selections. Next they went to go rock climbing to James can practice talking to girls and he can boost his confidence. James manages to even score a few numbers once he gets the courage to talk to some of the girls. Back at the comic book club, James' friends are angry at him for ditching the club and want to overthrow him as president.At home, James decides to try to call some of the girls that he met while rock climbing. He finally gets a hold of Natalie and they decide to go to dinner the following night. James meets up with Natalie and sees that her dad even came on the date, too. Coach Rebecca is there for the entire dinner to see how James does but the date does not go well at all.Coach Rebecca sends James to an apartment to meet someone who will help him with his approach. James ends up meeting James Gold, who admits to once being a nerd but is now a ladies man even though his hobby is magic. James Gold teaches James some tricks to use to pick up girls over in Bryant Park.The next day, James misses comic book club again and ends up coming home to a voicemail from the guys saying that they're kicking him out of the club. James tells his coach that he's having second thoughts about being MADE since now he's starting to lose his friends. Coach Rebecca decides that James should get his friends dates so they're a part of his MADE experience.James and his friend Dan find dates from their dance class and bring them out to dinner. James turns out to be quite the ladies man during the meal and really impresses his date. He decides to ask the girl to the dance and she accepts. Dan then asks a girl from the cooking class to the dance and also gets a date.James and his friends all arrive at his house to get ready for the big dance. James' coach stops by to wish them luck before their dates arrive and they climb into the limo on their way to the dance.Everyone has a great time at the dance and James scores his first kiss at the end of the night. James is confident that he has been MADE into a ladies man.

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