Rob & B.B. 107

Season 1 Ep 712/14/2006

When Meaty starts taking dumps around the house, Rob and Big bring in a professional to sort out their puppy's pooping problem. Patrice the Animal Psychic suggests that Meaty's manner problems may stem from the lack of a female figure in his life, so the guys head to Meet a Mate in search of the perfect match.Unimpressed with Rob's affinity for 'dime piece' strippers, the matchmakers hope to set the guys up with true loves. But, when Rob calls his blind date to work out the details, the guys think the punk rocker/singer combo have the potential to be a duds. Rob instructs his best friend to scoop him up and walk if things start getting out of hand during the evening.Out doing work skating, Rob runs into some problems with security. Big bellies up to the officer and throws down his weight so that Rob can get the job done.As the boys get ready for their big dates, Rob hopes for hotties. But as the limo pulls up, the girls fall short of Rob and Big's expectations. Regardless, Rob and Big follow through with the evening, taking the girls mini-golfing and out to karaoke night, where they give their own rendition of "Ebony and Ivory."The next morning, Big rags on Rob for making out with the punk rocker in the limo. Rob hides under his sheets in embarrassment, especially when he remembers his date was 37, not 27. Rob decides that from now on, he's finding Meaty's mom the old fashioned way -- Myspace.