Season 2 Ep 104/20/2010

Kailyn is a good-hearted high school senior from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. She has been through a lot in her life -- her dad left when she was 6 months old and her mom has struggled ever since. Her mom, Suzi, currently lives with her boyfriend in a hotel but Kailyn is fortunate enough to have her boyfriend, Jo, and his family for support. They even invited her to move in with them and Janet, Jo's mom, has become like a second mother to Kailyn. Kailyn has one more life struggle to overcome when she finds out she's pregnant.Life has not been easy since Kailyn moved in with Jo and his parents. She and Jo barely talk anymore and she's constantly thinking about her future. Kailyn takes the SATs, is going to graduate a semester early, and wants to go to college to study dental hygiene. She gets a pleasant surprise when she receives a facebook message from her father's sister and Kailyn responds with the hope that she may get to finally meet her father.Kailyn only sees her mom, Suzi, when she picks her up from school but Suzi's boyfriend interrupts most of the time they spend together. She hopes to have more of a connection with at least one parent when her dad invites her to come to Texas to meet for the first time. Kailyn can't wait to finally meet her dad, but Jo and his unwillingness to talk to her crushes her happiness. Kailyn fears their relationship will only get worse when the baby arrives.Jo's parents, Janet and Eddie, do everything they can to help Kailyn and Jo's relationship but no one can get through to Jo. Kailyn tries to talk to Jo about their problems but he won't listen and leaves. She wants to give her baby what she never had -- two loving parents.Jo didn't come home after their fight and doesn't say goodbye to Kailyn before her big trip to Texas. She meets her dad, Ray, for the first time and is filled with happy tears. Kailyn's happiness and excitement to meet her dad soon turn to awkwardness and an eagerness to return home.Kailyn and Jo's relationship benefited from their time apart and it's finally starting to feel normal again. Kailyn follows up on her plans for college and takes a tour of the local community college she wants to attend. Soon after her college visit, Kailyn goes into labor. With Jo and her family at her side, Kailyn gives birth to a beautiful boy named Isaac. His gender is a surprise, as they decided early on not to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl.Kailyn and Jo take baby Isaac home when he's 3 days old and begin their life as a new family. The stress of caring for a newborn begins to build between Kailyn and Jo and they spend most of their time fighting. They have Janet and Eddie to help them but Kailyn wishes her mom would come around more often.Kailyn and Jo start to get along, as they have more time to adjust to parenthood, and Kailyn gets accepted to community college! Kailyn and Jo are getting used to baby Isaac and realize he's more important than any of their petty issues. Kailyn has given up her youth for Isaac but knows if she continues to work hard, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.