Always a Bridesmaid…

Season 20 Ep 912/8/2010

Last time on Cutthroat you saw Johnny and CT get ready for battle, well this episode picks up right where the last one left off. If what you wanted was to witness a battle so epic that it would leave you in shock and awe, then you came to right place, because when Johnny makes one wrong move it's all over in the blink of an eye. CT wears Johnny Bananas like a backpack as he stomps through the Gulag, dropping the notorious bad boy on the barrel, ending it all in 18 seconds. But it's not quite over yet for Johnny, Tyler still has to battle CT. It's Tori's turn to take on Tina and she's able to drag her across the Gulag rather quickly, sending Theresa home. Next up is Tyler, who in fact is able to hold his ground for 19 seconds and sends Johnny home in what will go down in Gulag history as the most embarrassing defeat ever.Back at the house, Laurel is still itching to get Luke and nemesis Cara Maria off the Grey Team. So she rallies Sarah and the Blue Team together. The plan? Blue and Grey will work together to force Red into a loss, then Grey will let Blue win, sending Grey into deliberations where Cara Maria and Luke will be sent into the Gulag, lose, thus leaving Abram, Sarah and Laurel with a larger pot. Sounds simple enough right? Well yes, because at the Riot Act challenge when it's painfully obvious that Sarah and Laurel are throwing the challenge, Abram calls them out and warns them that they will answer for the Grey Team's loss. Threatened by Abe's sway, Laurel and Sarah start working and the Grey girls win their round.In the boys' round, Luke and Abram try teaming up with Blue Team lone wolf Derrick. But the three are no match for Red as the giants knock the other boys off one by one. With the Grey girls having won the first round and the Red boys having won the second, the winner comes down to a one on one battle between Abe and Brad. As Brad reluctantly enters the battlefield, Abe senses fear and turns his crazy switch on, pushing Brad off the mound and winning the last challenge for the Grey Team.With the failure of Sarah and Laurel's plan they have to suck it up and prepare to go into a final with Luke and Cara Maria. As the sullen team trudges back to the house, they share in a not so chipper victory dinner. With tension mounting, Cara Maria and Laurel have a heart to heart in which Laurel tells Cara Maria that she's a JV player on a varsity team. Gulag deliberations go smoothly for Blue, sending in lone wolf Derrick and a volunteering Emily. However, trouble brews in Red's den when recent Gulag winner Tyler gets thrown in over an unproven Brad and Dunbar goes back on his word and votes Paula in.As the Gulag approaches, a weary Paula tries to appeal to Emily to go easy on her. Would the former hot tub buddy let Paula into the final and send herself home or would she think like a rational person and think Paula was crazy and pathetic? Probably the latter. That night, as the teams arrive at the final Gulag the tension is high and so are the stakes, but you'll have to watch next week to see what happens, because yes, it's another "to be continued..."