Hangin’ with Run

Season 3 Ep 24/16/07

On movie day in the Simmons' home theater, Run asks Russy and Diggy, "Where's JoJo?" The boys tell their dad that JoJo is out with his friends. Run's disappointed.Vanessa returns from California and visits Angela's apartment in New York City where she questions how many bedrooms there are. Angela tells her two, and swiftly says, "But one is my office."Back home, Run bets JoJo that if they hang out and he doesn't have fun, he'll give JoJo $800. The first challenge: a game of basketball. But when it's time to play, JoJo doesn't show.Angela meets with Word Up! Magazine executives who offer an extended commitment to her magazine and the title of Executive Editor of Word Up! They also warn Angela that the business may conflict with her school schedule.JoJo's belief that hanging with his dad wouldn't be fun doesn't fly with his friends who think Run is a cool dad.At home, Run tells Justine about the bet. Justine says, "For $800, trust me, I would know how not to smile too." Run responds, "It's impossible with Rev Fun. Get it?"Later Angela learns that she has a photo shoot that conflicts with her class, but she decides to skip class this time, but later decides that she will have to work around her school schedule. School is her top priority.It's time for some b-ball between Simmons men. Pointing to his company logo on the wall, Run tells JoJo, "You see that Run Athletics? When it's over, it could be Fun Athletics." JoJo plays, but doesn't smile.Rev Fun continues at Barnes and Noble where Run reads a book about teens and tells JoJo, who looks bored, that he wants to break the code.Rev Fun's last stop is at a batting cage. After his dad follows him, making faces and talking funny, JoJo finally laughs. Run sees the smile and declares the challenge over, "Say cheese!" JoJo's smile disappears.Back home, Run tells Jo-Jo that he just wants to hang like they used to. JoJo admits that the batting cage event was cool.In the living room, Angela and Vanessa tell their parents about the photo shoot. They're upset to learn that she missed class, but are confident that she can balance her responsibilities.Later, Angela reluctantly offers her second room to her sister. Excited, Vanessa throws her hands up, "I'm gonna be Sex and the City." Rev Run frowns, "What's Sex and the City mean?""Do you feel distant from your children? As your kids get older, their interests shift. Forcing them to remain close can sometimes drive them farther away. Let your relationships evolve and you'll be rewarded with something more special than you've ever imagined. Accept the change, and don't become estranged. God is love." Rev Run.

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