Put On A Happy Face

Season 6 Ep 14/27/2010

Season 6 gets off to a quick start when Lo and Stephanie sit down to a gossip-filled lunch at L.A.'s Coral Tree Café. Stephanie wastes no time opening up about her recent DUI, telling Lo she's back in AA and explaining how she's on probation (i.e. as opposed to being grounded). Soon after, Lo mentions that Brody and the guys are heading to Miami for the Super Bowl and suggests the girls -- herself, Steph, Audrina and Kristin -- make a weekend of it. Stephanie wonders aloud at Kristin's inclusion in the group, but Lo quickly jumps to Kristin's defense, insisting "she's our friend." The girls then move on to another interesting topic: Heidi and Spencer. Stephanie admits she and her brother aren't speaking and hasn't seen either of them in months. Afterward, Lo tells Stephanie about Heidi's rumored plastic surgery (supposedly, she's walking around town with "a new face") and the girls shake their heads as they try and decide what exactly a "butt job" entails.Meanwhile, over at Casa de Speidi, Spencer warns Heidi (who's still recovering from surgery) that now may not be the best time to visit her parents in Colorado. Spencer worries that Heidi's mother, Darlene, won't be supportive of his wife's new look, but Heidi insists that she and her mom need to discuss her cosmetic surgery face-to-face. Spencer accuses Heidi of being naïve, but she shakes him off, and says it will help for her mom to see "how I great look."Back in Miami Beach for the Super Bowl, Stephanie and Lo soak up the sun and watch as Kristin, Audrina and Brody test-drive some jet skis at the beach. Taking in the scene from the shore, Stephanie wonders whether Kristin's ever truly gotten over her ex. Lo claims Kristin still has "a thing" for Brody, no matter how much she tries to "play it cool." Stephanie turns her gaze to Brody and Audrina (who are sharing a jet ski) and muses over how well everyone has gotten along lately, saying she hopes Audrina won't rock the boat -- and seriously piss off Kristin -- by making a play for Brody herself.Around the same time, Heidi arrives at her parents' home in Crested Butte, Colo. and sits down for a chat with her mother, Darlene. Unfortunately, things don't go nearly as well as she'd hoped. Uncomfortable from the start, Darlene admits that Heidi's new face will take "some getting used to," and looks aghast when Heidi lists off her numerous cosmetic procedures and admits to having had work done on her face, breasts, backside and inner/outer thighs. She then accuses Heidi of risking her life to try and "look like Barbie" and wonders what happened to the strong, confident Heidi she used to know. When her mom tells her she was "more beautiful before," Heidi reminds Darlene that what's done is done. "I understand you're upset," she says, tearfully, "but, Mom, this is what I chose and there's nothing I can take back."Across the country, at the Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel in Miami Beach, Stephanie, Lo, Audrina and Kristin kick off the Super Bowl festivities by raising a glass to "Everyone getting along!" Brody and the girls take off for the Maxim Super Bowl party and everything's going great -- until Brody flirtatiously asks Audrina whether she's still seeing anyone, i.e. Justin Bobby. Oblivious to Kristin's dagger-eyes behind her, Audrina admits she's single (and no longer in touch with Justin), then runs back to the booth to fill Stephanie and Lo in on Brody's not-so-subtle attempt at flirting. Eager to flee the scene, Audrina convinces Steph and Lo to leave with her, while a still-angry Kristin insists on staying behind. "I'm not ready to go," she tells them, rolling her eyes and summing up their hasty exit with a single word: "Draaaaama."The next morning, Stephanie, Lo, Audrina and Kristin gather in their hotel room to rehash the night before. Steph asks Audrina what was going on between her and Brody at the bar and Audrina waves it off, explaining that all the boys become "super flirty" whenever alcohol is involved. Meanwhile, Lo suggests the girls spend a mellow night at the hotel after a hoarse-sounding Kristin admits she stayed out partying till 5 a.m.Back in Colorado, Heidi and her family sit down for dinner at Timberline restaurant but the talk quickly turns back to Heidi's altered appearance. Although Heidi insists she "couldn't be happier with the results," her stepfather Tim expresses concerns about her "tighter, more structured" face while Holly remembers being jealous of Heidi's self-confidence growing up. Finally, Darlene chimes in, suggesting the Heidi should "deal with her insecurity on a psychological level," and sarcastically offers to put Heidi's burger "in a blender" so she can chew it with ease.With only one night to go in Miami, Lo, Audrina and Stephanie gather in their hotel room as planned -- only to find that Kristin's stood them up. Frustrated, the girls try and figure out what happened (could she still be mad about Brody/Audrina?) before concluding that Kristin's late nights, bloodshot eyes and mood swings all point to one thing: she's partying too hard -- and may even be on drugs. Alarmed, all three girls agree that "something's wrong" with Kristin, and Stephanie worries that she can't be around Kristin anymore if she keeps hanging out with "crackheads" and running with a dangerous crowd.So where is Kristin? Out partying at Liv nightclub with her old pal Stacie. The girls are dancing up a storm, drinks in hand, when Kristin notices a "where are ya" text from Lo and the gang. Laughing, she shows the text to Stacie before ignoring it -- and partying late into the night.The next morning, Kristin's still asleep when Stephanie, Lo and Audrina tell her it's time to leave for the airport. As she's packing, Kristin overhears Stephanie, Lo and Audrina talking about her behind her back (they use words like "embarrassing" and "cracked out") and decides to confront them head-on. Audrina tells Kristin they're just worried about her while Lo admits that there are rumors going around about Kristin doing drugs. Kristin responds by lashing out, saying if anyone has an issue with alcohol, it's Stephanie. The girls tell her they're leaving for the airport at 4 p.m. -- with or without her.As the episode draws to a close, Heidi bids her mom and stepdad an awkward goodbye, while Kristin (wordlessly) climbs into the car with Lo, Stephanie and Audrina. Looks like it's gonna be a long trip back to L.A.