Crazy In Love

Season 5 Ep 44/20/2009

As the episode opens, Lauren and Audrina are having a drink together at Big Wangs. Audrina expresses her reservations about dating again after the way things turned out with Justin. She points out that she feels like she moves from one relationship to another, and Lauren assures her that she's allowed to date. "If you see anyone that's my type," Audrina says with a laugh, "send him on over."At People's Revolution, Stephanie is packing a box of clothes while asking Lauren about her responsibilities. As Kelly Cutrone comes through the office, she scolds Stephanie for leaving her garbage lying around on the desks, then empties the box Stephanie's packing and tells her to start over. Kelly explains to a shocked Stephanie that instead of throwing clothes into a box, she needs to think about the designer receiving the package, and what they'll think of how their clothing has been handled. After Kelly irritably answers a few of Stephanie's questions about how to better organize the packages, she turns to leave, but not without warning, "I am watching you, Stephanie Pratt."Outside Bolthouse, Spencer calls his estranged girlfriend from the parking lot and says, "Yo Heidi, your favorite stalker is parked outside in your alley." Heidi comes down to meet him, coldly agreeing to his request to discuss the state of their relationship. When Spencer says that he doesn't want to feel "caged up and locked down," and that he wants to be able to go out and have drinks with other people -- including other girls -- Heidi snorts about his wish to "sneak out" and "do God only knows what you do with Stacie." Spencer unsurprisingly interrupts to matter-of-factly state, "She's not my type. She doesn't have blonde hair and I'm into blondes." Unconvinced and unbending, Heidi again lays out her ultimatum, saying she's done unless they head to therapy. Spencer tries to make it sound ridiculous that the couple should put their relationship "in some strangers hands," this time it's Heidi's turn to cut him off with a curt, "We are," that ends the conversation.Then the scene switches nighttime at Coco De Ville, where Lauren, Audrina and Lo meet up with Brody and Frankie for drinks. When Brody mentions an upcoming trip to Hawaii to Frankie, Lauren asks why she wasn't invited. Brody explains that they planned it as a guys' trip, asking, "Do you surf?" "No," she says, "but I lay on a beach!"Laughing, he assures her that the girls will be included in the next trip they take.A few minutes later, the girls spot Justin across the crowded club, and he makes his way over to give Audrina a quick hug. After he leaves, Brody leans over to Audrina and says, "That was kind of awkward," When Brody questions the state of her relationship with Justin, Audrina shrugs it off. In an effort to make her feel better, Brody tells her she's beautiful and should be out having fun.The next morning at Audrina's house, she and Stephanie talk about what's going on with Justin. Audrina explains that Justin was acting shady at Coco De Ville the night before. Stephanie suggests that it would probably be best to talk to him one last time so they could end on good terms, and Audrina agrees that she definitely wants to talk with him.That night Audrina and Stephanie hang out with Brody and his girlfriend, Jayde, at the deafeningly loud nightclub Apple. Brody decides to call Spencer to invite him along on the trip to Hawaii. Spencer, who's sitting on his couch, uncomfortably declines, telling Brody that he would go, but he's in Las Vegas and can't make it. When Spencer hangs up, Heidi asks why he lied. Spencer shrugs it off as being the easiest way of getting off the phone with Brody so he wouldn't have to yell. When Heidi sarcastically tells him that if he wants to go to Hawaii "with Brody and Brody's girls," then he should go, Spencer says that he just wants to discuss the matter with the therapist.Back at Apple, Audrina talks about Justin with Brody's friend, Sleazy T, when Brody Justin in the club and abruptly calls him over. While Brody tries to convince Justin that he and Audrina still love each other, Audrina continues talking to Sleazy T about how she and Justin will never work. Justin finally asks Audrina if she's OK, to which she explains that she wants to feel special, but he doesn't make her feel that way. Once they begin to argue, Justin walks away.At People's Revolution, Lauren tells Stephanie to answer the ringing phone, but when Stephanie picks it up, she accidentally hangs up on the caller. When the phone rings again, Lauren answers and transfers the call, then begins to check up on Stephanie's work, making sure she's done everything properly. Stephanie is unsure of how many accessories she checked in, and Lauren explains that everything needs to be on file. While Lauren reprimands her for being unfocused, Stephanie distractedly begins to doodle. When Lauren asks if she's listening, Stephanie says, "I'm sorry, I'm really bad at confrontation." Lauren points out that she's not confronting her, but notes that if Stephanie had the same conversation with Kelly, their boss would be on the verge of firing her.At the L.A, office of Dr. Jordana Mansbacher, Heidi and Spencer arrive for their first therapy session. Heidi begins to explain the issues they've been having, telling Dr. Mansbacher that she feels as if Spencer is having an "emotional affair." Spencer then voices his issues, namely the fact that Heidi does not trust him. Dr. Mansbacher tells them their issues sound very high school-ish, and then suggests that they face each other and voice their feelings. Spencer says, "I feel like I'm in a nightmare," which only frustrates Heidi even more. Heidi says that she feels like he's been emotionally checked out, and Dr. Mansbacher interjects, asking, "If you feel like he's checked out, what are you doing with him?"While Lauren, Audrina, and Lo have lunch at Crustacean, they talk about the upcoming trip to Hawaii that Brody and the guys have planned. Lauren points out that unless it's a strictly guys' trip, it's probably difficult for Brody to take a vacation without his girlfriend, Jayde. When they all start talking about Brody, Audrina lets it slip that she's attracted to him. A surprised Lauren and Lo turn the conversation back to the trip, and Lo suggests they also go to Hawaii on their own girls' trip. When Audrina agrees and says it will be "no drama, just fun," Lauren comments, "Those are like our famous last words: 'no drama.'"