Season 8 Ep 171/12/2008

Sarah is a clumsy, overachieving bookworm who wants to prove there's more to her than being brainy. She wants to take center stage and be MADE into a beautiful ballerina. But will she be able to go from super-geek to swan-like chic in just six weeks?Sarah is an academia queen, but the one subject this Denver native hasn't mastered is confidence. And since she is so focused on school, her social life suffers. Sarah doesn't have a boyfriend, but she does have a crush on a guy named Connor, her co-editor in chief at the school newspaper. But Sarah is paranoid about being overweight, so she hoping that being MADE into a ballerina will boost her confidence and help her catch Connor's eye. But how is she ever going to find time in her busy schedule?The morning after an all-night study session, Sarah's doorbell rings. Meet Sarah's MADE coach Robert, a no-nonsense dancer and choreographer from Austria. After she shows him a few of her moves, Robert knows there's going to be a lot of hard work ahead of them ... especially since she will be auditioning for The Nutcracker in just six weeks!That day at school, Sarah hears a surprising announcement over the PA system. It's MADE coach Robert, telling Sarah to dance her way to the gym to meet him. At first she doesn't want to do it, but then she half-heartedly twirls and shakes her way to the meeting. In the gym, Robert shows her the fundamentals of dancing and gives her an assignment, to study a beginner's ballet book. But that's not all she has to do. She must also balance the book on her head throughout the entire day.Once Sarah gets home, Robert drops in to go over her hectic schedule to see when she'll be able to find time to practice. Unfortunately, Sarah says she will only be able to devote about two hours a day to training. Robert is fairly sure this won't be enough time to turn her into a truly graceful ballerina.Before Sarah's next practice, MADE coach Robert takes her to get a ballerina outfit. But despite picking out some cute threads, Sarah becomes frustrated during practice when she can't keep up with Robert's instructions. Robert admits he is pushing her, but he has to. The Nutcracker audition is only six weeks away, so not a second can be wasted.When the weekend rolls around, Sarah is looking forward to sleeping in but, once again, Robert rings her doorbell bright and early. He introduces Sarah to Anna, a personal trainer, and they get to work right away. Anna can tell immediately that Sarah is a little lazy.After working out, Sarah takes a nap. When she wakes up, she is surprised with a gift from Robert ... a ballet bar of her very own! Although excited about the new addition to her room, Sarah is disheartened to learn that she has to recruit a male dancing partner. She doesn't want boys to be in this mix at all.That night, Sarah invites some friends over to help her decide who she should ask. Her friends already know about her crush on Connor, so they instantly push Sarah to ask him.While at the gym, Anna helps Sarah strengthen her core. But while on a step machine, Sarah starts hyperventilating and can't workout anymore. It's the first time that Sarah's faced a test she can't ace and she winds up in tears.At school, Sarah is planning on asking Connor out. But she gets completely sidetracked by the school newspaper's deadline. Before she realizes it, the day is almost over. As the last bell rings, Sarah asks Connor if he'll be her dancing partner, and he agrees. Yay!With Sarah's confidence at an all-time high, MADE coach Robert bursts her bubble by telling her that she will be trying out for the role of the mouse in The Nutcracker. Sarah knows it's a very difficult role, which means it's time to step up her game.Sarah's dance class with Connor rolls around, and it's the first time they've hung out after school together. As they partner up and learn some steps, Connor seems to be getting into being so close to Sarah.Because the school newspaper didn't make the deadline, Sarah has to pick up the papers from the printer. On her way there, she learns they haven't been printed yet, so she's going to have to pick them up the next morning. Sarah has to break the news to MADE coach Robert that she'll be missing practice, and obviously he's a little steamed.With the papers in hand, Sarah spots a number of mistakes. This is a huge blow to her ego. But while she's thinking she's been spending too much of her time on ballet, Robert's thinking the opposite. So, while Sarah's at school, Robert talks to her mom about her progress and asks her to push Sarah with ballet as she does with academics.When Sarah gets home, her mom sits her down for a talk. Sarah instantly becomes defensive and stresses about being able to balance school and ballet lessons.After her conversation with mom, Sarah is nervous about seeing MADE coach Robert at practice ... especially since she completely forgot her ballet shoes! As punishment for being unprepared, Sarah is given a pop quiz on the beginner's ballet book Robert asked her to read. She ends up failing miserably.With dance practice not going so well, Sarah is hoping her time at the gym with Anna will be a little better. After the workout, Anna checks on Sarah's progress by having her step onto the scale. To Sarah's disappointment, she has actually gained three pounds since she started on her MADE journey.MADE coach Robert thinks that spending a day with professional ballerinas might improve Sarah's morale. Sarah has never been so up close and personal with dancers, and she is inspired by the ballerinas beautiful motions. Seeing them onstage reminds Sarah why she wants to be a ballerina. In fact, the dancers inspire her so much, Sarah begins to run, diet and stretch on her own time and her progress is really starting to show.With The Nutcracker audition only five days away, Sarah lands painfully hard on her foot during practice. She goes to the hospital, where she learns that she has sprained some ligaments. Although the doctor says she should stay off it for a couple days, Sarah hopes to work through the pain and still make it to the audition.Despite her injury, Sarah performs exceptionally well at the next practice. She even carries her enthusiasm into the gym, where she discovers that she has lost weight. Sarah is finally starting to feel like a real ballerina.During Sarah's last rehearsal with MADE coach Robert, he gives her a healthy amount of praise. He can't believe how gracefully Sarah has transformed into a ballerina.Time for the big audition! Naturally, Sarah is feeling quite nervous, so Robert lends some advice before she heads into the studio to try out for The Nutcracker. Robert thinks Sarah has a chance at scoring the role of the mouse. But once Sarah spots the stiff competition, she quickly loses all confidence and doesn't do as well as she hoped.When Sarah learns that she didn't get the part, she is extremely bummed. But when she gets home, she gets a call from The Nutcracker casting director, saying that he loved her enthusiasm. When he asks if Sarah would like to take a smaller role as a party girl, she eagerly accepts.At her first Nutcracker rehearsal, Sarah finds out that she must learn her part in just two days. Then, the next thing she knows she's onstage performing in front of a live audience, including family, friends and Connor. Sarah's dream has become a reality -- she has been MADE into a ballerina, and she even scored a kiss and some flowers from Connor!