Season 6 Ep 6

Mary is an un-athletic girl in a new school with a perfect sister who outshines her. She wants to be MADE into a cheerleader to make friends and attract guys--although she's not allowed to date them yet.Mary's coach is Scott, an All-Star cheerleader who works with nationally ranked cheerleaders. Mary can't even touch her toes. Oh boy.At Scott's gym, younger girls tumble circles around Mary. Simple exercises make her sick to her stomach. Even her younger brother picks up the cheer faster.During cheerleading camp, popular girls befriend Mary and help her practice. New England Patriots cheerleader Melinda helps Mary with a makeover and she heads to her audition with confidence.At the Varisty Squad audition, Mary falls while trying to do the handspring. Acting on Scott's advice, she thinks of another way to stand out and performs a cheer. The judges like it and tell her to teach it to the other girls.Mary's not selected for the Varsity Squad, but she is selected for Junior Varsity Squad. Finally, Mary has been MADE into a cheerleader!

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