Season 8 Ep 131/12/08

In Arlington, Mass., Colin is a high school junior who loves history and has never quite fit in. He thinks it's time to dump his dorky image by being MADE into a rapper. But will Colin's lack of confidence stop him from reaching rap stardom?Colin is obsessed with history, especially since his great, great, great uncle, Samuel Colt, was the founder of the Colt firearms company. Unfortunately, though, Colin's love of history has warped his fashion sense -- he often heads to school wearing an ascot and a beret and sporting a British accent. He thought that being in the school jazz band and participating in athletics would make it easier for him to connect with his fellow classmates, but it hasn't. In fact, Colin has never kissed a girl, let alone dated one. That's why Colin wants to perform at the school's semiformal dance -- he's hoping that dropping some vicious rhymes will help him score with the ladies.When the word gets out at school that Colin wants to be MADE into a rapper, Boonie, the school's best rapper, challenges Colin to a battle. And, you guessed it, Colin gets destroyed after coming up with a rhyme that references Star Wars. But not long after he loses face, Colin receives an anonymous text message inviting him to a rap concert.During the concert, Colin gets called onstage by rapper Talib Kweli -- who, it turns out, is his MADE coach! Once a confused Colin makes it onto the stage, he is handed the mic and told to freestyle about the Red Sox in front of a packed house. His disjointed flow and stiff moves garner laughs, but it's enough to prove to Talib that he's serious about being MADE.Relieved to get off stage, Colin gets the opportunity to talk to his MADE coach one-on-one. Talib believes that Colin needs to be more confident about his own style ... and he's going to teach him how to do just that.The next day, Talib takes Colin to the Arlington History Museum to prove that you can rhyme about anything. But when Talib asks Colin to come up with five words that rhyme with bird, the best Colin can come up with is "curd," aka cheese. As Colin struggles to find his voice, Talib drops some advice and tells Colin that his first MADE assignment is to find a date for the dance. His second assignment is to write a song with his jazz band that he'll perform at the dance.During jazz band practice the next day, Colin announces to everyone that he'll be rapping at the dance and tells them he needs some people to back him up. If they want in, they should meet him for practice the next day. As he leaves he feels confident that plenty of people will be clamoring to play with him.When he arrives home from school, Colin is greeted by MC/producer Jean Grae, who'll be helping him find his voice. But first things first Colin needs a good rap name, so he chooses "Colt 45." But when he raps for Jean, she's not feeling it, saying that he lacks emotion and believability.After his session with Jean, Colin is ready to put together a jazz band for his performance. But when nobody shows up at practice, Colin realizes that he probably should have spread the word a little better. How is he going to write a song if he can't even get a band together?Even though the jazz band assignment didn't pan out, Colin is still hoping to succeed when it comes to finding a date. Colin nervously asks a girl named Joanna to go out for some ice cream, and she agrees. Hey, at least he kinda completed one assignment!When Jean meets up with Colin to go over his progress, she brings along the game Scrabble, hoping it'll help him find his inner wordsmith. When she realizes that he's lacking in social skills, she takes him on a pretend date to show him how to act when he goes out with Joanna. As Colin fidgets and focuses on his food, it's obvious he has some serious issues with his game. Time to step it up!Later, Colin gets a call from MADE coach Talib Kweli about his jazz band's progress. When Colin admits he came up short in that department, Talib tells him he needs to actively recruit band members right away.But before Colin does that, Jean takes him into Boston in hopes of getting him more familiar with being in front of a crowd. At a small club, Colin is put to the test when he's told to take the stage. After he finishes his rap, Jean tells Colin that he needs to cut down on the slang and use more of his regular vocabulary.When Colin sets up another band practice, no one shows up again. He hopes his day will get better when he goes on his date with Joanna, but that doesn't exactly work out either. After some awkward conversation, Colin leaves the date feeling down. He decides to focus his energy on recruiting kids for his jazz band and finally succeeds.To make sure Colin's on the right track, MADE coach Talib Kweli meets up with Colin and his band. When Colin tries to rap for Talib he can't seem to find the beat. Then, after going over some ideas about the song he should perform, Talib gives Colin some advice, telling him he needs to find inspiration when it comes to his lyrics.At school, Colin confidently cracks a joke about Boonie, and his trash talk makes its way to Boonie, who claims he's going to once again destroy Colin in battle.During band practice, Colin's bandmates are angry that Colin doesn't have a completed song yet, while Jean thinks Colin isn't devoting enough time to writing his lyrics. Colin admits that writing a song is a lot harder than he thought it would be.When MADE coach Talib Kweli calls to check in on Colin's progress, he invites Colin to the birthplace of hip-hop, New York City. In NYC, Colin goes to the very studio where Talib lays down tracks and heads into the booth to record his first song. Nerves eventually catch up to him, and Talib thinks he needs to work a little harder on his hook.Colin tells Talib about his upcoming battle with Boonie, and Talib wants to make sure he's prepared for it so he hooks Colin up with the best freestyle rappers around, Craig G and Serious Jones. They help Colin with his stance and battling skills, boosting his confidence.Time for the rematch! Colin delivers a solid response to Boonie and impresses everyone, including Boonie. He didn't win the battle but he is finally winning his classmates' respect. With that out of the way, Colin asks a girl named Emily to go bowling with him, hoping to score a date to the dance.Colin's date with Emily goes a little smoother than his last, and she even agrees to go to the dance with him. Now he just needs to update his wardrobe, so MADE coach Talib Kweli takes Colin out to get some new threads. Lookin' good!At the dance, Colin gets the thumbs up for his new look, but that doesn't stop him from being nervous. When it's time for him to rock the mic, the crowd goes so crazy that he can't even reach the stage. So, like a pro, he throws down his rhyme right in the middle of the dance floor. After pulling off a stellar performance, Colin instantly becomes Mr. Popular with the ladies. Looks like this history geek has indeed been MADE into a bona fide rapper!

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