Figure Skater

Season 6 Ep 8

Zach is one of the most popular, athletic, and academically successful kids in his school. It looks like he has it all, but Zach's got a dream to be MADE into figure skater.Zach doesn't have the support of his lacrosse teammates because they feel that figure skating will interfere with their State Championship practice. Zach's father Gerardo opposes because figure skating is not a masculine activity. Despite it all, Zach laces on his skates and meets with his MADE coach Dave. Dave is a member of the U.S. Figure Skating Association and winner of various competitions. After watching Zach skate--or rather fall--he sees that it's going to take a lot to prepare Zach to compete in front of national judges.Zach gets discouraged because sports come easily to him, but not figure skating. Being sleepy in class and during practice starts to show in a poor performance on the ice. Dave makes Zach take a ballet class because skating is "ballet on ice," he says.Later, Dave meets Zach's father who challenges him to a bench press contest. Once Dave proves that he can lift manly weights, Zach's dad starts to have a change of heart about figure skating. He encourages Zach to do well. With that encouragement and a private lesson from gold medalist Oksana Baiul, Zach approaches the competition with confidence. When he places second, his mom, friends, coach and even his father are proud. Zach has been MADE into a figure skater!

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