Power Girl

Season 10 Ep 22/21/2009

Carrie is a rude, drama queen from Ithaca, New York who wants to ditch her sweatpants and be made into the ultimate girly girl. She struggles to draw attention to herself because she lives under the shadow of her perfect big brother and cheerleader sister. She tries to find her nitch by being the school mascot at sporting events, being obnoxious or making fun of people. As she is strolling around the ice dressed as the mascot for one of the hockey games, another person dressed in a bear suit skates up. Behind the suit happens to be her made coach who keeps the costume on as she hands Carrie a pink dress that she has to skate around in during halftime. Carrie nervously skates around as she receives encouragement from the crowd. Back in the locker room her made coach, still decked out in mascot gear gives her the first assignment.She has to ask out a member of the hockey team. She immediately finds her friend Alex in the crowd and he suggests his friend Chase who accepts the invitation. The date goes poorly as Carrie can't keep the conversation going and even tells him she has no social life. When her made coach Hitha has seen enough watching from nearby, she reveals herself to Carrie at the table. Hitha tells carrie she wants her to be a power girl and tells her to sign up for the play in school.While strolling through the halls Carrie gets called to the office, where she has a note waiting for her from Alex inviting her to go skating. Before she goes on her date, Hitha teaches her how to put on makeup, look for stylish clothes and even takes her to a dating expert. To put her new self to the test, she goes skating with Alex. Carrie has a blast but Hitha still isn't sure she trusts Alex. She takes Alex to eat and grills him with questions until she learns that he has only known Carrie since she was doing Made and does not consider her a good friend.After their dinner, Hitha advises Carrie not to take Alex to the winter formal. Carrie is furious that Hitha doesn't trust her best friend. She invites Alex over for new years where she starts to get a clue about his true self when he jokes about not kissing her. The next day in school Carrie finds out Hitha was right when someone tells her Alex was talking about her at a party. She confronts Alex and he smirks and says he didn't do it.Carrie tells Hitha she was right and Hitha doesn't waste any time finding her a new man. She sets up speed dating where Carrie gets to talk to each guy for a few minutes. She next's the first few choices until she meets Chris who she thinks is adorable. Everything seems to be looking up as dominates play practice and makes mends with her brother before he leaves for a semester in Italy. He advises her to start taking charge of her life and she starts out by asking Chris to winter formal, which he accepts.Before she gets all dolled up for the big dance, she makes her debut in the school's play, which Hitha is there to see. She gets all decked out for the dance and impresses everyone as she walks down the stairs. She admits to having the time of her life with Chris at the dance and even exchanges her first kiss at the end of the night.